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30 Sep 2013 06:29:21
As suspected, Derby made a formal approach yesterday to QPR to speak with Steve Maclaren. Still only an option at this stage but definitely the preferred choice.

Get ready for difficult times with Maclaren. All the hard work by Nigel Clough is lost.

McLaren confirmed. My God, the board don't know what they're doing. I'm off to the bookies to bet he won't last the season out, and we'l be lucky if we don't go down : (

Wally with the brolly what a great appointment guaranteed relegation for you sheep

What a poor appointment mclaren, he won't last till Xmas. Brought in bad players at forest. Don't know the league. Out dated and out of touch. Give him a month he will be coming up with all the old excuses he used at forest. Poor appointment.

Lasted 13 games at Forest winning just 3. Was the worst England manager ever and that's saying something if you think back to the Turnip lol. Rams ya going down :)

Derby can now run out to Rihanna under my umbrella.

Is it the silence of the rams all off a sudden. Lol.

What a disaster.
The Walley did nothing at Forest and England and will send us down I feel.
Should have gone for some one with more championship experience.
So sorry fellow Rams but we are going down.
Derby Ram 30years.

A month on and upwardly mobile. Too quick to judge.

29 Sep 2013 22:44:21
Darren fergurson next Manager 100% fact

Maclaren tops the wanted list. Due to speak with Derby today

It's Maclaren been on the cards for a while.

Nigel Clough is going to notts county. Mclaren in. I feel for derby, he will take you down. Signed a lot off rubbish at forest. It a backward step.

Good apportionment imo fantastic coach with a good record and good cv he will do well just look at how he chanced last nights game

So Darren Fergusson wasn't the new Manager. 100% fact!

Derby striker Johnny Russell is out for six weeks after fracturing his left fibula but he has had scans today that is big blow for us

29 Sep 2013 21:48:09
Derby to sign Zak Whitbread on Monday

{Ed029's Note - Loan announced this evening.

29 Sep 2013 11:29:56
ITS Mclaren now nonleague nigel as gone

You forest fans will do anything to wind derby fans like we did before you got mclaren, he's a good coach but not a manager unfortunatly. Pulis got stoke promoted direct or long balls nobody likes. We don't need a big name just someone to push on from what nigel was building. I am sure there's other names like Duncan ferguson etc who could push on we don't want ex forest failures and has beens

Strange that when you had Nigel Clough wasn't he once forest. Never mind pullis will get that football on the ground. Haha.

OMG. I was shocked enough to hear Nigel Clough was sacked, but to be replaced by McLaren? What is your management thinking. Years of building will be ruined. Being a Notts county fan you may think me bias. I hope we get Nigel Clough. See you guys in Div one.

Maclaren is the Board's first choice. That much was clear on Sunday and was later confirmed when Derby asked to speak with Maclaren.
Maclaren is only on a short term contract so wouldn't cost much.

28 Sep 2013 19:35:08
Clough sacked so that we can bring in Mclaren

What a joke. I am a Forest fan but think the way Derby have treated Nigel is very poor.

Tony Pulis Pleaseeeeeee

I am a reds fan you don't want McLaren he is crap nigel is a good boss don't know why he got the sack

Cloughy deserved better! To be sacked after a local derby, a result which can go any way regardless of form, so you can't blame it on away performances. Derbys players didn't turn up today! How many people could have done his job this last few weeks with all the to do with the aniversery of his dads death and to cap it all the death of his mother. The bosses show so much compassion!
A forest fan

I agreed very poor decision. An I'm a forest fan

Watford fan - sorry to see Nigel lose his job, at Burton he didn't create instant success but instead created a solid club that then went from strength to strength and I hoped he was doing this at the rams. Never anything less than a class guy would have liked to see Derby succeed under him

I too am a forest fan. Feel your board have made a big mistake. Nigel was doing a good job with the financial restrictions he had. Hope for your sakes it's not Mclaren.

I'm a forest fan and with the stadium you have, the support you get etc you deserve better from the board. It's not easy to manage when your hands are tied but also you are being told to compete at the top end of the league. In my opinion pulis is not the right man and I have family who are Derby and definitely don't want that style of play. Nigel was unlucky and we know what It's like to have a managerial merry go round and that's what I see coming in the next few years at Derby

Very poor decision to get rid of clough, and I`m a Forest fan

Maclaren is an excellent manager but unfortunately fell foul of Forests transfer policy, in the same way that Billy cry baby Davies did.
If Maclaren had been given the same resources as Davies has been given recently, then no doubt Notts Forest would be back in the premiership. And yes, it is "Notts". The whinging dislike of "Notts" dates from the 80s only.

Been a Forest supporter for over sixty years we've always hated to be called Notts as long as I can, remember, and before you go on about dementia, can rember who we played, score and scorers, beat QPR 3-1, same boxing day would be nice

26 Sep 2013 10:37:14
Derby linked with Shane Duffy of Everton but face competition from Millwall

Shane Duffy was announced as signing an initial one month loan with Yeovil Town today (26/09).

Yes I hear that Duffy has joined Yeovil town on a month loan

Derby have ask about Michael Keane and Larnell Cole on loan from Manchester United today they could sign in time to face local rivals Nottingham forest

10 Sep 2013 09:17:10
Derby County looking to sign Chris Burke from Birmingham on loan in the emergency window and then buy on a permanent deal in January.

They face competition from Leeds United though.

Burke is very good player and I hope derby will try to sign him till January view a permanent deal Robbie from yate

Think you will find he has signed a new 1 year contract fairly recently.

Sam rush and Nigel Clough have discuss loan signings to strengthen the squad I think they will need to add to the midfield and someone who wants to come and join Derby on loan if Premier League clubs and championship clubs will allow them to go out on loan this week Robbie from yate

A loan with a buy in Jan for Burke would be good. Birmingham are skint and he's a free agent at the end of the season.

Marc Albrighton is more likely though.

Marc Albrighton is one of the loan targets but I don't know if Burke will come to derby on loan if Birmingham city will allow him to go out on loan

It looks like derby are going to sign Marc Alrighton on loan Aston villa instead of getting Chris Burke on loan from Birmingham city

Aston Villa midfielder Marc Albrighton is closing on joining Derby on loan but numbers of clubs want to sign the 23 year old on loan as well

09 Sep 2013 13:39:22
Heard rumours of Brayford coming back to Derby on a season long loan deal as he has struggled to break into the Cardiff squad {Ed001's Note - impossible, the loan window is for a maximum of 93 day loans only, you can no longer sign anyone on a season long loan.}

You can sign players on season long loans for example Adam Smith, but they are standard loans.

You're right about emergency loans though. 93 days only. {Ed001's Note - yes, but not during this window, season long loans are not being done now. You can only do the longer loans during a standard transfer window.}

09 Sep 2013 11:24:20
Some interesting news due this week for Rams fans!

Keep watching!

Give us a clue

Another party is interested in investing in the club.

Heard absolutely zilch.

Still heard zilch, when is the big announcement?

Think you got this one wrong eh?

09 Sep 2013 11:18:38
Clough looking to add a winger and could be in for Chris Burke again. He also likes Aiden White at Leeds.