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21 Oct 2013 07:54:43
Liverpool are to allow England U21 defender Andre Wisdom, 20, go on loan to Championship Derby County for the rest of the year.

Norman wisdom, about says it all.

I think he will be a very good player for us this season on loan but he has come in for Zak Whitehead who is out with a calf injury for two weeks

Derby will ask 12 million for will Hughes in January but Liverpool Manchester City Manchester united Arsenal are in race to sign hughes

14 Oct 2013 08:35:12
Derby are ready to swoop for Iain Moody after his shock exit from Cardiff.

Think you must be in a mood to suggest this. Useless player.

I'm in the mood to tell you, he's rubbish. Is that the best mclaren can sign, god help us.

Iain moody is not a player, he was Cardiffs head of recruitment

Still a moody man, we don't need. Think mclaren mount be in a mood to even think it. Lol.

I'm in the mood for footy, footy, footy, I can't wait for Saturday. I'm in the mood, so come on footy, footy, lol,

Moody isn't a player, Genius. He was sacked as Head of Recruitment at Cardiff.

Perhaps the first thing he could do is finalise the deals for Dawkins (25) and Cisse (32) and continue Derby's policy of nurturing 'young' talent.

Derby Midfielder Will Hughes wants to join Liverpool in January but he will come back to Derby on loan for rest of the season

Derby looking stateside for 'Head of Recruitment', policy from the owners as much as anything to raise profile of club over there. Just look at last two trialists, both coming back over from USA and bringing in Zak Whitbread on loan.

Heard rumours that Maurice Edu will sign for Rams and a move for 'American international keeper' under wraps but feeling is for Hahnemann to challenge Grant for no 1' spot.

Stimacs coming back fact

10 Oct 2013 08:52:19
Manchester United boss David Moyes wants to sign Derby midfielder Will Hughes in January

He'll be at a Premiership within a year, and at a lesser Premiership within 3 years.

Can someone explain to me why Derby keep being touted as a young side slowly nurturing their own prospects? They've brought through Hughes (fair enough), Hendrick (injured but fair enough), Bennett (not done much yet) and O'Brien (who is pony). The rest of the side are made up of 25+ year-olds and a few journeyman. Hardly kids.

I personally think you need more than three and a half players to start building a home-grown empire.

Bennett is only 17. How many 17 yr olds do you see doing something? And most the squad is full of 20-25 year olds

Hughes will leave Pride park for Manchester united or Liverpool but Arsenal Manchester city could bid in for Hughes as well

"Full of 20-25 year olds"?

The players that have appeared for Derby this season are.

17 x1
18 x1
21 x3
22 (loanee)
23 x1
24 x2
25 x1
26 x2
27 x2
28 x1
29 x1 (loanee)
30 x1
32 x1
33 x1

Average age: 25.

A mixture of young and old and only 4 home-grown products. Those are the facts.

Will hughes is not that good he spends more time on the floor then on his feet he too lightweight and he has not got skills I don't see what the hype is about

Not every one of them can start, and on average we have an average of about 23, 24 soo. And Hughes is the best midfielder in the league, and doesn't spend that much time on the floor!

Still right about Bennett tho, how many 17yr olds have done something?

Will Hughes spends a lot off time on floor conning the ref. not good enough for the super reds. Andy Reid's a far better player.

Andy Reid? You taking the mic? And if your a reds fan, how do you know Hughes is always on the floor?

Grant, hendrick, hughes, bennett, lowe, hanson, all been in match day squad at minimum and also obrien injured. All were through derby academy. Obviously lee grant went and came back that's 7.

I'm not sure if a 30-year old, in his second stint at the club, counts as a current youngster lol

Hanson and Lowe have made the bench 5 times between them. EVER! I'm pretty sure most clubs in the football league have the odd youthie sitting on the bench from time to time.

Anyway, I was asking why Derby are continually touted as a young up and coming, home-grown squad, when they have no more youth than your average Championship side and only really have two academy products cutting the mustard at this level.

Personally, I think it's a massive excuse for under-achievement put forward by the board & management and wholly swallowed by the fans. I'm (obviously) a Forest fan and would love nothing more than to see Forest v Derby in the Premiership but I really can't see Derby getting there under their current policy. A policy that I see as just an excuse to penny-pinch and tread-water on the cheap. Will be interesting to see what happens to the money from the Will Hughes sale in the coming months.

Derby fans should want their board OUT. I know I would.

Will Hughes is always on the floor, if your play him as a holding midfielder because he's 17 and built like a twig. If you play him on the edge of the box running into it defenders hate him for doing it incase they catch him, his foot work is brilliant. He deserves to have attention. One question f***** fan, what happened to that '£5 million' rated defender Jamal Lascelles?

Sorry but Lansbury is a lot better then hughes the only reason he's spotted so much is the hair draws attention. He's the next carrick just over rated

I would be more worried about being in your position. I don't think Forest are strong enough to go up. Will probably be proved wrong, but if i'm right you won't be able to spend like this year and Billy won't be a happy dwarf! I think Derby are in a decent state. Only thing letting us down is our defence, at the moment! If Steve Mc can sort that out i'm not saying we ill reach play offs. But we will be fighting to get there. All with rose tinted glasses on ( for Derby) of course

I think time will tell how good Hughes is. Most Forest fans will disagree now simply because they havnt seen him every week. Only in scrappy local derbys. Not against teams where he has literally pulled teams apart. If top pundits, scouts, coaches and managers agree he is worth it then he is. If lansbury was that good i'm sorry he would have left Arsenal for a premiership team.

Well if hughes was that good he would be in the prem and not just being looked at maybe I'm wrong but even when I had a look on YouTube it wasn't anything to rave about Paterson Lansbury are a lot better then hughes. Mcclaren won't do anything he has only just got his hands on your team so not had time to destroy it yet

And the 5 million rated player is still learning and when u have central defenders as good as our it would be hard to get in the team.

Derby have taken Tottenham hotspur striker Simon Dawkins and Mail international midfielder Kailfa Cisse on a week long trial and Dawkins can play attacking midfielder or striker I hope they will improve us than Mcclaren can made a decision on Cisse Dawkins when they trial spell ends

Funny, Lansbury is a better player than Hughes? If that was the case, why didn't a PL club pick him up, like Lambert who had him on loan at Norwich?

Derby trying to bring through their own players rather than paying the wages of a young player who belongs to someone else.

You're the club Huddersfield's Dean Hoyle was deriding.

£34k lol

Typical Billy

We also have players from youth darlow is lescalles will be getting in the team soon. Magugan was from youth but he's gone just like hughes will be soon

"Derby trying to bring through their own players rather than paying the wages of a young player who belongs to someone else"

Funny you say that because Derby actually have more loan players in their first team squad than Forest at the moment. Adam Smith and Zak Whitbread at Derby, only Chalobah at Forest. (Hobbs is on a loan-purchase deal, so will be our player at the end of the season).

Forest are paying £34k p/w for Chalobah because they can.

Those are the facts.

If he's not signed it means his on loan?. So technically we have the same amount of loanees.

34k, that's just taking the mic

All the players in forest line up are bought in players, derby have will hughes, hendrick, bennett, o brien, not a lot of players but all have been regulars in the team at some point bar from bennett who is making substitute appearences at the age of 17, how many of forest line up have come through the youth system and actually play in the first team? very few, saying that a few players will break in next season isn't guarenteed derby are happy to give young talent from there acadamy a chance, the only ones you have are reid and cohen who are true forest players and reid is 31 now so you have missed the point completely our young talent can be playin in the startin line up in 5 years time, can yours if you keep splashin out millions other players? oh and btw magugan came from you youth system yes. but chose to leave for absolutley nothing so what does that show you about your youth policy that he clearly wasnt getting enough first team opportunitys

No they ain't darlow came through the ranks so not all of them

Brilliant come back. darlow, so you have reid darlow and cohen and how many of those 3 will still be playin first team football at forest? naff all