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27 May 2013 21:32:06
Derby County have received a bid in excess of 2 million for Republic of Ireland International centre back Richard Keogh from a premier league club.

Hope not, Not another Shackell

I heard it was Bournemouth


It was from Yeovil

And now he's just scored his first international goal for R of I . he will now leave . !!!!

No one has bid for Keogh fact.

No it was stoke

Hmmmmm doubt that!

27 May 2013 19:26:01
Derby in the hunt for some premier league free agents with these being the main targets
Ryan Shotton - Stoke
Carlton Cole - West Ham
Nicky Shorey - Reading
Dean Whitehead - Stoke
Noel Hunt - Reading
Jermaine Pennant - Stoke

all free so would stick to Derbys low spending rules but some may be too much wages


Christ almighty, we ain't made of wage money!

Carlton Cole, what planet are you on? Where will we get 40k per week from to pay him/ You need to check these sources of yours.

Thats a lie

I can only see Ryan Shotton and Noel Hunt being here to be honest. Maybe Whitehead at a push. Hopefully would be brilliant players with some much needed experience

Utter rubbish, no interest in any of the above.
Russell and Forrester are two targets which have been confirmed

Russel and forrester won't happen

These have all been written for being linked with leeds in the media and on forums not derby

Russell will

26 May 2013 21:17:03
Apparently Johnny Russell is set to sign for Derby. Any truth in this?

Yes ;) .

Wont happen

The media is Scotland did a article with him days ago, in which he says that he wants to go abroad. Good news for the Italian team that wants him. And good news for the future of the Scotland squad, so its a big flat NAW

England is abroad if you live in Scotland. Lol.

No it only feels like it, we are still part of the UK. Even though plenty of us do not want it that way any longer.

Lol derby or celtic one of the biggest clubs in the world no brainer is it he will go to celtic

He wants to sign for Catania in Italy

"celtic one of the biggest clubs in the world"

I love it,. Did you mean Scotland when you said the world? Get a grip.

22 May 2013 14:36:18
Derby have lost out on baptise therefor they are after nathan ake on loan until barker and obrien are fit.

I thought we was after experience?

I don't think this is true, you are right we are after experience.

Chris Humphrey at Motherwell has more pace. And he is also free a Jamaican international who has Reading interested in him. Be good on the wing and Jackson through the middle if he could keep up with him.

22 May 2013 13:35:49
Carlton Cole rumours gathering pace, personally he's not for me.

Agreed. According to a few sources, we have dropped the Vaughan chase and now after Simeon Jackson. (obviously just been released so its a freebie)

Simeon Jackson is a must signing. Quick and knows where the goal is, unlike Theo, Sign him up! As for Cartlon Cole coming to Derby. We don't need another donkey here thanks.

22 May 2013 09:55:24
Derby have fallen out of the race to sign centre half Alex Baptiste and instead will sign a premier league centre half on loan for 6 months, until January when Shaun Barker and Mark Obrien will be fit.

No names have been mentioned as of yet, as most prem clubs will be sorting their own squads out and then once derby know who will be on the periphery of the squad they will move in. So fans will have nothing to talk about in the defensive area for the next month. Apart from Forsyth signing after the playoff final, but that is already done and dusted just needs to sign the paper.

Also in the striking area Clough wants 1 more striker unless both Robinson and Tyson leave then he will try to add 2. James Vaughan is the main target but if we don't get him, nobody knows who we will go in for.

Baptiste wanted £20k a week. !

22 May 2013 09:42:24
Carlton Cole to join Derby on a free after being released by West Ham

Derby fan here I couldn't wait for someone to post this. Literally some derby fans are so deluded. He was on 30-40k a week! Why on earth would he come to derby. Wow.

Why not?

If we sign carlton cole we want shooting

Wages skippy, wages.

Gutted he would of been quality

Carlton Cole!, No thanks. Couldn't find his way out of a paper bag, let alone the way to goal.

21 May 2013 14:56:00
Derby County Manager Nigel Clough has stated he sees the striking situation as follows:

1st Team - 4 Strikers

1. Chris Martin
2. Jamie Ward
3. Connor Sammon
4. New signing

Under 21s

1. Callum Ball
2. Mason Bennett
3. New young signing

The 1st team striker will give 4 strikers for Clough to choose from and he aims to rotate the strikers more this season. The fact that Ward can play in midfield will certainly help this.

The 4th striker hunt is ongoing:

No. 1 target is James Vaughan, who derby want to know yes or no quickly so they can then turn to other targets.

Simeon Jackson
Martyn Waghorn
Matty Fryatt
Will Grigg
Nicky Clark
Johnny Russell

Theo Robinson will be sold this summer but nobody is going to bid for Nathan Tyson, he will instead choose to see out his high wage contract at Derby and become a impact player. If a club does actually come in for Tyson and will meet his wage demands then he will be gone as quick as possible.

If Tyson and Robinson leave then there is potential for another striker to come in as well as the 4th they are looking for. This could be a more younger peripheral player such as Mark Mcnutly.

Russell has a mid table Italian team from Sicily already bided for him, and the club knocked it back. I am sure they will be back in for him, and he will not turn down the chance to play at a much higher level. Great for Scottish football if the deal comes off.

You're making this up as you go along.

Catania bid for Russell just under half a million, a laughable sum of money. He is well worth at least £3 million or more, and Derby do not have that amount to spend on one player FACT

Derby think they have the ball in their court with Vaughan when they haven't even spoken to him properly seeing as he's been organising his wedding and such. There's no chance of any deal for him to go anywhere away from Norwich being struck and concluded quickly. Hudds are prepared to play the waiting game, are derby?

Derby don't have that amount of money FACT. You are 100% right we don't have 3 million. However Russell isn't even worth 1 million! He has one year left on his contract and is playing in the Scottish league. You are not going to get more than 1 million for sure. His wages will be low, I just can't see you keeping him. Even if you do keep him he will just go on a free anyway. If someone like derby bid 700k I think you would be foolish to turn it down. It's not like you keeping the player is going to bring in millions more in revenue from him helping you achieve a higher league position.

Russell is better than Goodwillie who had a year left on his contract, and Dundee United got 2 million for him. Who cares where he plays?Hearts and Celtic have sold players for 8 and nine million, so have Rangers with Hutton
Russell has been involved in Scotland squads, and is still young enough to improve. And he will do that playing at a better level than the championship.

Dundee United will not be getting more than a million for him "FACT".

How can you possibly think the Scottish League is a better standard than the Championship? Some complete muppets on here

The poster has never spoken about the quality of the championship. And wants Russell to move to Catania who have made three offers the last offer being a £800 000 bid days ago that was rightfully rejected. Having watched championship football there is a high % of ex SPL players tearing up leaps and bounds down there. Being a bigger league does not make it better. Plenty of ordinary teams down the bottom playing dull football. Lots of SPL teams would do well there, simply down to how they play. Teams such as Motherwell, Kilmarnock, Saint Mirren, ICT, Ross County, Saint Johnstone, all play good passing attacking expansive football. Bigger teams like Hearts have struggled this year. Maybe Aberdeen will do better next year, with new manager and players. If any team is going to put in a challenge to Celtic it should be now, whilst Rangers are out the division.

Conor Doyle has signed a new contract with derby so we won't be after a new under 21 striker

To the joker who thinks the SPL is as good as the Championship. Just look at the size of squads, revenue and stadia. The bottom half of the SPL is no better than League 2/Conference in England.

Stadia does not make a league or money. See this is were the Premier league generation get deluded. Look what Ferguson spent making Aberdeen one of the best teams in Europe. In the past before bosman players could be kept, and teams made from S form. Now teams can't keep players and they move south, down to greedy agents telling them about the milk and honey. Also the money in English football will not last forever. Especially when your game is so corrupt. As proven on C4 Dispatches how to buy a football club. Scottish football might be skint, but at least we still have our integrity. Something no amount of money can buy. Also more players from SPL join the championship and EPL. than players out the league one and two. So that is utter garbage your spouting. Shows how great your league is, having to buy SPL dross. Where numpties like Jason Scotland become superstars and Kesper Schmeichael.

Whether its right or wrong, the Championship is full of bigger clubs with more money than all but Celtic in the SPL. This down to bigger gates, merchandising, sponsorship and tv revenue. With more money to sign players and pay bigger wages, of course the Championship is a much much much better and higher standard league than the SPL and explains why when the odd good player becomes available they come to the Championship from the SPL. Note even the better Celtic and Rangers players come to the Championship and not the EPL. How can you dispute this?

The better Rangers and Celtic players sign for EPL clubs so again that is wrong.



Robson, McDonald, Boyd. why is Stuart MacAll, the Motherwell Manager, finished second in the SPL, looking like he is moving to Sheff Utd, League 1?

Stuart McCall is from Yorkshire grew up there has a Scottish Dad. Maybe that has something to do with it, plus United are a big club. Robson and Boyd do not play there any more, so never made the list. If we want to go into players in the last ten years, we could be here a long long time. So best we do not venture down that road. McCall was with Bradford as a kid I think.

How can teams from the lower half of the SPL compete with English Championship teams when they have the fanbase and resources of League 2/Conference clubs? There are teams in the conference, Mansfield Town, Grimsby Town, Wrexham, Luton and Lincoln City that have as big if not bigger resouces available to them than the likes of Dundee, Ross County and St Johnstone. Based on this how do these clubs get anywhere near the equivalent teams on the pitch compared with teams in the Championship like Derby, Leeds, Ipswich, Blackburn, Middlesbrough, Leicester, Notts Forest, Brighton etc etc. The Championship is the fourth best supported league in Europe, where is the SPL, 40th? let's get real and take the SPL for what it is.

More people per head of population watch our domestic league in Scotland than anywhere else in Europe. So again your wrong in what your saying. And none of those sides have been in the semi final of the European cup like Dundee have. In fact Dundee might have Texan investment soon pumping money into the club. Your comparing large Cities to small towns like Dingwall, so of coarse there is not going to be as large a support. Why do you think Ross County and Inverness Caly, all are from two clubs that merged?Clearly to submit a better challenge, and its worked this season.

What bits of my comments are you disagreeing with? The bottom half of the SPL teams get between 3-5,000 attendances, on a par with the Conference clubs I mentioned. the bigger clubs in the Championship average over 20,000 and even the smaller ones 4 or 5 times greater than the smaller SPL clubs. I think you are in denial. there is no possible way you can build a case that the SPL is anywhere near the standard or has the resources of the Championship. To do so you are being very foolish.

Look it up if you doubt me. Scottish football is the highest watched football per head of population in Europe. I know it was not the answer that you were expecting, but its true none the less. Also in England there is more jobs, so people can afford to go to the football. Plenty of Scottish clubs have state of the art training facilities actually. And not just the Glasgow big two. All the championship has is more wages and more money from TV. We do not need that, as it means we will bring through more young players. We should do what the Germans did in 2000, and put numbers on how many we bring through. Its the only way to get us back on track again. Also good news about Johnny Russell, he said in the paper a few days ago, that he wants to play abroad. Good news as he would be very unambitious to want to play down in the championship. Said he is more interested in his career than money. And wants to become a better teqnical player.

Why does that matter when half the teams get less than 5,000 turning up and very limited revenue as a result. are you seriously saying Ross County, St Mirren, Dundee etc can compete on wages and transfer fees with teams like Derby who average 23,000, hence they can pay better wages and fees and hence get better players in their sides. Can you not see how revenue relates to attracting better players and a better team? Surely you are not that silly?

Plenty of championship teams do exactly what our SPL teams do, and that is try and bring there own players through. And create squads from free transfers, and buy players from the leagues below at small transfer fees. The Paisley club are a great example of this, who won the league cup this year. And stopped Celtic getting the treble. Who have the McGinn brothers, the third one sold to Watford. And have Kenny McLean all brought through mainly from the youth team. Also more to the point championship teams like SPL rely on loans look at Watford this year as a prime example. Glad that Palace won the cup, Watford do not deserve it with that policy. Plus Hollyway as a good track record of buying Scots and looking up here for players.

20 May 2013 17:28:06
maghoma looks as though he will be signing.

For boro

Says on DET we are not interested

20 May 2013 16:30:04
Derby to sign Gonzalo Jara who is out of contract.

20 May 2013 03:06:36
Billy Sharp is joining derby.

This will keep popping up over the course of the summer.

I do not believe Nottingham Forest will take up the permanent deal option, if there is one, there might not actually be one.

This will then mean that Derby will of course be interested but there will be many clubs, most with bigger wage budgets and spending power.

The player is definitely not in the plans of Pochettino.

Not a chance billy sharp will sign for derby we have no money

Forest fan, We have already agreed a fee with Southampton in January but I don't think he will be joining because he was barely involved at the end of the season. Billy says he wants him though.

He will probably go to Reading with Adkins, he won't be going to Derby though.

I guess we have to wait and see. would love him too just can't see us spending 15- 25000 on wages a week plus a 3-4 million pound signing. unless he is cheaper.

19 May 2013 15:56:06
Source close to the club!

Derby to sign fryatt as vaughn going to huddersfield darren ambrose also close to signing!

If u know fryatt is signing when will it be

Fryatt would be a quality signing.

Ambrose won't happen. 100%

Shame to miss out on Vaughan and all the cynical derby fans will be like, we missed out on another target and got beaten by Huddersfield to his signature. Vaughan was always going to sign for hudders

When will these signings take place if they're true. ?

If we are in for Vaughan and he chooses Huddersfield over Derby, then it's purely money over ambition as Huddersfield are a poor team and less likely to be aiming for play offs next season than Derby or several other teams

Why does Vaughn going to Huddersfield depend on money, Derby are a mid table championship team and so Huddersfield will be next year.
Derby will not get playoffs for at least another 3 years. No money and better teams

Rumour not true as derby paper bloke said it not a name he's herd

Huddersfield narrowly avoided relegation last year and Derby have a new, no-nonsense CEO that seems to be shaking the club up. I know who I'd be backing to get promotion sooner. It's entirely a money issue.

If Huddersfield narrowly avoided relegation then Derby were only safe the week before seeing as you only finished 3pts ahead. Considering Hudds were newly promoted and you're apparently building towards the playoffs, Hudds finished better an will be considered the more ambitious. Stop being so cynical

19 May 2013 14:02:00
Brayford to sign for Stoke for around 2 mill. Whitehead to come the other way and join Derby!

Brayford to Stoke would be around 1.5 million.

Whitehead will not be joining Derby, we have Will Hughes, Jeff Hendrick, Craig Bryson (who is signing a contract next week) and Paul Coutts.

Brayford will not go to Stoke, be real they have better ambitions than him. Cardiff maybe but Stoke are too good for him

Stoke too good for Brayford --- best laugh for ages get real

Get real, yes they are. For the money i'd much prefer Trippier from burnley or De Laet, very overrated player and everyone assumes he's coming to Stoke just because he supports them, if there is any truth in this rumour I have lost all faith in Stokes scouting system as it would be £1.5m - £2m wasted on an at best reserve player

Hilarious. Brayford's the best all-around RB in the Championship. Much better than that walking joke Ryan Shotton.

Brayford is definitely not over-rated if anything he is under-rated

Hopefully Stokes new manager will see sense and sign a player that can take our club forward, not backward

18 May 2013 12:36:47
Gowter, released by Swansea will officially become Derby player next week. Carl

Nothing on web about that?

Not true.

Trusted source at radio derby

18 May 2013 08:33:37
derby close to jermaine pennant deal, and will try to bring in gerrard (not steven) in the next week

Pennant's wages are too high for Derby

Not. a. chance. we don't want the thug at Derby.

We? I personally would love to see him at derby? fast tricky winger?

Pennant too good for Derby

18 May 2013 07:02:14
Matty Fryatt was at moor farm about 5 days ago as was James Vauhan

Why would we sign another 2 strikers in one window? we already have 3 at the club.

Martin, Sammon, Fryatt, Bennett and Vaughan.

Positive Vaughan wasn't as he's been busy planning his wedding and stag to Vegas so I doubt he'd have any time to waste being shown around the training ground of a club he doesn't want to move to

17 May 2013 17:46:44
sam rush has quoted that there has been no offers for Brayford and he is keen to offer new contracts to Bryson and Brayford.

16 May 2013 20:45:29
Chris Martin to Derby, Bryson close to new deal

Martin signed a week ago, well spotted!

Not really a rumour when Martin signed last week and the Bryson deal all over newspapers and media websites

16 May 2013 20:43:24
Derby will re-sign Lee Grant as a replacement for outgoing Frank Fielding, James Vaughan main target for the club, Brayford is available but nobody has shown an interest yet- Clough has a RB replacement in mind. Will hughes turns down prospect of move to ManUtd and immediate loan return to Derby and signs 3 year deal with the Rams.

Grant and martin signed last week

Have you been in a coma for a week?

15 May 2013 00:50:25
Clough wants to do everything possible to sign Billy Sharp from under forests noses. Would be a huge statement of intent.

That would be a great signing, but I'll believe it when I see it.

Love it but we will not pay 20k a week wages maby more. poor rumour

Nooooooo chance, Derby's strike force will be the same as this seasons Sammon and Martin, some of the fans expect way too much expect some league 2 youngsters being signed again and sitting on the bench

14 May 2013 20:46:23
brayford shall be sold to cardiff for around 1. 75 million-2 million 95%. Clough is now looking to add this money to purchase vaughn. He is also looking to bring in a left back, centre half and winger. left back, clough is looking again at aidy white from leeds, who he tried to pursue last year. He is looking at baptise and oconolly (crawley). Baptise is expected to go to bolton though, so oconolly is our plan B. The winger clough has not made apparent yet, but the rumour is chris burke. However this is incorrect as he has signed a new one year deal with birmingham. It is believed however that clough will wait till january next year to go back in for him, if he continues to improve, and if clough believes he will fit into the team. Robinson has also been linked with doncaster for 250 k.

Clough isn't interested in burke anymore or even a midfielder. Said in an interview this week. Left back won't be white. Its forsyth. People make up some rubbish on here

John Brayford will be going to Stoke

Why would Stoke sign Brayford?

Hope Stoke don't fall for this one, would be a foolish move. Just because he supports the team dosent mean he's good enough

David moyes has said he is the most highly rated right back in the league. Stoke are too bad at playing 'football' for bradford to go there! Swwwiiinnnggg lowwwwww

Rather stick with ryan shotton to be honest, save the club 2million of what would be wasted money

Agreed with sticking with Shotton, he's improved a lot this year and played against and stopped some of the best left midfielders in the world. If were looking at replacements for the Right back position we should be looking at players that are better than him.

14 May 2013 19:48:24
Wales International Defender Lewin Nytanga looks set to join former club Derby County on a free transfer.
Nytanga, 24, currently at Bristol City is out of contract in the summer and has confirmed he would like a move back to the midlands.
Derby County are favorites to snap up higly rated centre-back.
Derby also look set to sign Stoke City's Florent Cuvelier.
A season long loan deal looks set to be agreed for the Belgian U21 international midfielder.

That highly rated he has had no interest in him in over 3 years and got relegated.

14 May 2013 19:10:18
It has now come too concern that defender John Brayford is to possibly leave the rams for a fee of 2 million - most probably to cardiff

James Vaughan is most likely to join the rams early on in the summer for a fee around the region of 500 - 750 k

Also a VERY close signing rumourd is the Birmingham winger chris Burke for a possible swap with frank fielding - apparently almost certain now.

The money from John Bradford if sold will added to the contract of baptiste as, obviously many championship teams are contenders for the 27 year old centre back

Also strongly rumoured targets - Richie de laut, Martyn waghorn, Matt Fryatt

13 May 2013 21:46:44
brayford is going to cardiff. He will be sold for 1. 75 million. With this money we are looking to get vaughn+ adding more money to baptise's contract to tempt him to pride park

Adding money to baptiste contract goes against everything our club is now about. stop talking ****

Darren Barr would be a great replacement free at Hearts. Can play right across the back four and as a holding midfield player, has one cap for Scotland. And is still only 27 got his best years in front of him. Chips in with a few goals to, but his main attributes is that he defends first. Been unlucky not to get another call up, its just that Scotland are strong at right back. And have Hutton playing in Spain, and Whittaker and Martin and Bardsley in the EPL.

Brayford fee is nearer 2.5m!

Be very weary of bringing any more SPL players in. the massive jump to the Championship leads to very few successes and is often a step too far for most.

All won the championship or went up

Snodgrass sold to Norwich in EPL
McCormack one of Leeds best
Wallace quality Burnley player went up with them to
Burke set up more goals tahn anybody else last year, scoring 13 goals. Adam won the league with Blackpool, had best passing from a UK player in his first EPL season
Greer Brighton captain in play off
Vaz Tae was at Hibs was awful
Doiuf was at Rangers was awful
Jeffers was at Gers M Well was awful
Dixon been quality for Huddersfield
Maguire done well at Sheff Wed, proved the doubters wrong here
Even Berra is moving to Ipswich after going down with Wolves this year
Sure the SPL is a awful place to find players
Alexander quality keeper and Boyd got 12 goals in the championship, both did well enough to move back again. Young McCabe looks one of Sheff Wed best prospects to and is Scottish

Most of those on your list failed in England. Bob Malcolm!

HAHA Bob Malcolm, what a legend

Davies had Malcolm in the Derby squad going up, hows that failing?If that is failing what was is this season and the others for our club?
Speroni is probably the best keeper in the championship and he played in the SPL with Dundee, is in a play off final. The list of players looks pretty strong to me, also Sammon came from Kilmarnock Bryson as well.

Are you seriously saying Bob Malcolm was a success in England?

Bob Malcolm only played ten games as he was injured. And Derby went up that year, so would say YES. Its why he is on the list, awful as he is as a player. Just highlights the point even more, that you do not need to be a great footballer to be a success in the championship. The fact that he is even mentioned, says more about how bad the championship has been over the years, that it does about the SPL being poor quality. I admit the championship is much better five years on and more competitive especially this season.

13 May 2013 15:37:28
Brayford leaving is nailed on!

Cardiff likely destination.

Bryson will sign a new contract.

13 May 2013 15:31:13
Legzdins and Robinson to Sheffield Wed.

Baptiste to Bolton.

Judge to Forest.

Vaughan to Forest.

Judge at Ipswich and there's nothing on Forest wanting Vaughan.

You can tell this is a forest fan

13 May 2013 09:07:21
derby are making a double swoop for chris burke and david nugent in the summer

12 May 2013 19:42:32
Alan Judge agreed terms with derby on 3 year contract. Done deal.

Who dose he play for and what position?

Who did he play for before

Notts County

A lot of bigger teams after this guy, I highly doubt it's a done deal

No, he is off to Ipswich apparently.

Try Forest!

He said he would never play for the red because of notts county

Judge is moving to Blackburn mate, wants to return to his old club says he has unfinished business

12 May 2013 13:34:20
It has been heard that the signature of James Vaughan is edging closer for an undisclosed fee and the possible swap for chris Burke and frank fielding.

The signing of Alex baptiste is becoming a little bit more unlikely but still possible.

Martyn waghorn looks like a close signing as the rams have been looking at the player for some time and has reportably seen on the training ground.

Where as the signing of chris Martin and lee grant - completed both on free's

We won't sign Vaughan and Waghorn.

I hope so

Vaughan is possible, fielding for burke plus cash is reasonable and believable, baptise seems to be slipping away from us but yes still a possibility and waghorn is a possibility as he's been a clough target for some time, also talk of matt fryatt johnny russell mark connelly Niall McGinn coming in and legzdins to newcastle and theo to barnsley

Also the purchase of forsyth is imminent

Russell is hardly going to turn down playing for a mid table Italian team, to come and play in the championship. Get real he is to good for that league. Much better than Goodwillie is, who should have taken his chance and moved to Germany when he had it.

11 May 2013 16:43:35
Derby closing in on Vaughan signing.

09 May 2013 21:06:26
Derby to sign Nakhi Wells for 1.2 mill if Bradford fail to gain promotion to league 1.

Lol. suree. we have a spair 1.2 mil hanging around don't we :)

No way will this happen,

09 May 2013 16:38:26
Derby are letting 7 players find new clubs this summer, these players are; Frank Fielding, Adam Legzdins, James O'Connor, Theo Robinson, Nathan Tyson, James Bailey and Tom Naylor.

The Rams are also looking at securing several new additions to the side, including 24 year old James Vaughan. Also, 27 year old Alex Baptiste from Blackpool. Craig Forsyth, who has been heavily linked with the club, will sign for Nigel Clough's team after Watfords participation in the NPower Championship play-off's.

09 May 2013 15:47:34
Stefano Denswil and Nathan Ake rumoured to be in Derby being shown around training ground by Metgod and Sam Rush. View to year long loans from Ajax and Chelsea.

08 May 2013 21:09:23
if derby fail in there bid to land james vaughan we will try for sam baldock

bradford looking to take tom naylor back on loan for season long loan even if they fail to win promotion

franky fielding off to birmingham for 350k no news on legzkinds

No he will not go to birmingham

08 May 2013 08:55:37
The Rams to swoop for Bolton's Chris Eagles now that Bolton failed to make the play offs.

We wish!

08 May 2013 08:38:56
Derby closing in on Vaughan and Baptiste. Forsyth will be signed once the play offs finish.

06 May 2013 19:33:18
It is now believed, that Alex baptiste, chris Martin and lee grant are nearly all certainties.

Also it has been said that chris Burke will be a target due too a possible swap with frank fielding.

Also rumoured targets - Vaughan, Grigg, Cunningham

04 May 2013 18:26:02
Steve Davies was at PP today watching the game. I'd welcome him back to Derby no worries. Baptiste has allegedly agreed terms with the rams.

There was talk of us signing Inverness' Billy McKay in Jan but nothing moved on it. Noticed he got a hat-trick today in a 4-3 win. Might be one to look at? Hope more than anything that we can hang onto Brayford, Hughes and Hendrick but its more than likely that one of them will go. Most likely Brayford.

And for the love of god, I don't want to hear any more talk of Kevin Davies. It would be a foolish move for Derby who are looking to buy in and mould a young outfit.

Steve Davies was up to see his old team mates as he wasn't involved in Bristol's game today. Baptiste won't be joining Derby.

Baptiste terms agreed.

Good signing by cloughy if the word about baptiste is true

Baptiste is joining a north west championship team

02 May 2013 17:21:41
OUT - Fielding, Ball, Tyson, Robinson, Brayford, Bailey, Roberts

TARGETS - Burke, Baptiste, Vaughan, Perkins, Martin, Forsyth, Waghorn, Grant

I think we'd bring in more than one out and out defender if brayford left