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30 Jun 2013 12:27:43
Stoke city are reportedly weighing up a move for England u-21 and Derby starlet Will Hughes. A deal of player + cash is being weighed up. Thought to be Ryan Shotton or Michael Kightly plus £6 million

Never heard so much s**t in my life stoke aren't a footballing side there a hoof it up and hope for the best poor rumour

They have a new manager that dosent play hoof ball. So there might be some truth in this.

Stoke obvioulsy won't play hoof ball anymore without Pulis. So this would be an obvious step up. A mid table BPL side is his next step if he wants to make it big.

Bet Will is laughing at this one

Sounds about right to me. you're one shining star won't stay forever if he wants to stay in the England side.

I wouldn't be so shocked to hear if this was true. Hughes will be a leading star in the prem in a few years and will imo play for england.6m plus a players with a % sell on clause wouldn't be the worst piece of business I've ever seen. Ramsfan

Stoke are 5th favourites to be relegated next season not the club for Will Hughes' development and Derby want £10 million cash

Odds mean nothing. 5th favourites to go down haha. That means staying in the premier league anyway which is obviously a step up from Championship football

Odds mean absolutely nothing. And if Derby won't let him go for that much he will never get in the England side because no on will pay that much. Derby wouldn't ruin his career like that

Derby do no need to sell and Clough has stated he is best staying at Derby for at least another if not two where he will play the right way. Ruin his career don't make me laugh. He is going to a top 4 club eventually not a bottom basement PL club

Hughes will leave to play for a decent footballing team, not one that is trying to break habit of a life time and play on the grass with a manager who is lucky to have a job.
The football of Pulis kept Stoke up, wanting to play a game you don't have the players for brings the risk of a long hard struggle against relegation.

At least were in the prem now. And will no doubt get more than 11 points next season. Youngsters get there careers ruined from big clubs. Rodwell, Sinclair, Powell. So its the right move to use a decent mid table team as a stepping stone

Stoke will not be a decent mid-table team under Mark Hughes. With Hughes in charge they must be big relegation favourites. Another good player who turns out to be a poor manager like so many others. Colin Todd, Bryan Robson, Peter Reid, Roy McFarland, Roy Keane. I'm sure if I really researched the list would be extensive of good or great players, who were at best very average or even rubbish managers in some cases.

Okay so managing a cash rich Manchester City, guiding Blackburn from 16th to 7th in 2 seasons to get them into Europe on minimal resources. If you call that bad management then I dread to think what you think of Nigel Clough

Add Brian Clough to that list

But any kudos bulit up was wiped out by his management of QPR which was nothing short of embarrassing. Why does he always get linked with same players he has at previous clubs, you can't always slot them into teams with existing players who form basis of the team, they aren't exceptional players that you would instantly say are better than what you have.

29 Jun 2013 00:45:05
Derby looking to loan Matt Derbyshire from local rivals Nottingham forest, who are looking to get the former premiership player off the pay roll.

What a load of rubbish

Apparently we're set to get all of Forest's cast offs

Far too good for derby. If he did go let's hope its on a 1 year contract because I won't wanna see him play in league one next year

Too good? Last time I remember, you haven't beaten us in 4 games? Unless your memory serves otherwise.

Yes but I would rather finish the season above you like we did last season than beat you in the two games we play each other the end of the season is what really counts.

Im not a forest fan. Yes he's too good

28 Jun 2013 10:54:26
Apparently we're set to offer 500k for Barnsley talisman Reuben Noble Lazarus. Great piece of business in my opinion

No a chance he worth a mil at least, there is no way flickers will let him go for 500k

28 Jun 2013 10:20:44
Sam ricketts wants a move to derby after Bolton papers admit championship intrest!RB to replace brayford

Joining Wolves so got your wires crossed.

26 Jun 2013 07:56:24
Matt Kilgallon on his way to PP.

Heard this rumor so much! Be a good signing.

Kilgallon has played 30 league games in the last three seasons not a good bet imo

24 Jun 2013 18:19:09
Wigan offer £1m for John Brayford. Derby reject it but will accept £1.5m

Brayford rejected the bid because he will only leave for premier league offer

Brayford isn't going anywhere. No premier league clubs want him now

21 Jun 2013 11:48:14
Watford have turned down a bid from Derby County for Craig Forsyth because the offer did not meet the club's valuation.

Believe that Craig Forsyth is available on a free that's why he was on loan last season so no fee needed

He went on loan because he wanted first team football, also they want let him go on a free due to him still having a contract there

Watford have only about 16 first team players signed on and a transfer embargo, so they are reluctant to sell anybody

All there italian loan players have now gone so they now haven't got a full team what a joke

He is not available on a free, he is one of their few players under contract.

Deal is off period!

Deal done - apparently watford fans know as much of what is going on in their home town as they do about what's happening in Spain or Italy

18 Jun 2013 11:16:38
Derby to sign Brentford's Defender Shaleum Logan for 300,000 by Friday

Can't see this at all to be honest. The main reason being he is positively small for a defender at only 5ft 8". Need some more 6footers at Derby

Derby don't need a right back, at the MOMENT we have brayford and freeman. Both better than this Logan guy.

Fielding gone by friday brystol city. ramsfan

His size dose not matter evra is also small for a defender

Why post a made up story?

Did anyone tell Shaleum Logan he was signing for Derby County yesterday?

Friday has come and gone. Nige says he is in no rush, must have got your wires crossed.

17 Jun 2013 17:33:08
Derby put a 250k bid for Henry Lansbury and also gone for kilgallon on free, Russell signed from Dundee, derby also wanted to sign nangle from notts county but he accepted a 1 yr contact with notts, derby also looking at Nahki wells at Bradford

Henry lansbury of forest? what would be the point of that, he cost em a mill and proved his worth towards the end of season after injury, quality but would'nt let him go?

Absolute rubbish!

I didn't think der-dy had 250k

Don't need him. Would rather have Hendrick, Hughes and Bryson. Completely made up rumour anyway.

Forest reject no thanks

Forest reject no thanks. remember Kris commons?

Nathan Tyson?

Henri Lansbury has been watched by a number of prem clubs and will cost more than double what we paid. We have no reason to sell we don't need to and he is one of our best players. You need to wake up to reality lol

Lansbury is as bad a rumour as I've heard. However, Forest have got to cut their losses this season to 8m or they will be fined and Embargoed.

Or get ourselves promotion and take the lots of lovely dosh that comes with it!
Lets face it, KFC and Tyson joined you on free because you offered them more money than we did, we felt them surplus to requirements
Doubt you could afford wages and a transfer fee! Especially not Lansbury's transfer fee!

17 Jun 2013 15:17:02
Just heard a rumour that Adam le Fondre may be signing for us, Cloughy is looking for a striker and he rates the Reading Striker highly - Reliable Twitter Source


Nigel has said we are sorted in the attacking department, sorry : (

Plus why on earth would le fondre leave reading for a championship team?

We've got Johnny Russell already. ?

No he isn't looking for a striker. We have already signed two in Russell and Martin to go with Ward, Sammon, Bennett & Robinson and Tyson although both get set to leave.

Plus if Clough regarded him highly, he would have gone for him when Reading bought him, he's going to cost a lot more now and we don't have that to spend.

Doubt it, now we've got Russell

Thought reading were a championship team now? lol.

Rubbish. Was this the ITK guy on twitter?

Because he's not ITK

15 Jun 2013 15:16:15
John Vicars just tweeted, Derby after Forsyth and a CB. Then incomings done.

Taken horribly out of context. He merely answered "yes, a CH and LB are on the wishlist". At no point did he mention Forsyth or that there would be no more after that.

He said that they were on Rush's list not that they were the last signings

13 Jun 2013 10:30:30
Mason Bennett is to be loaned out to Chesterfield gain further experience at league level. As they are also beleived to be sending out other fringe players to Burton it could well be that Sean Deeney may make the short trip up the road to the Brewers.
Theo Robinson is not going to back go to former club Huddersfield Town but may make the short trip across to Northampton Town or Notts County on a free transfer.

Theo is not going anywhere for free and I doubt we will send someone as young as Bennett out on loan

With Fielding and Legzdins leaving, Deeney will be our 2nd keeper so not a chance

Can't see Theo being allowing to leave for free. Derby need too recover some funds for the sale of Fielding, Robinson etc.

Bennett won't be leaving!

Deeney is our number 2!

Theo won't be going on a free!

Good night

I thought legzdins was staying?

Legzdins has made it known that he wants to stay to fight for his place.

12 Jun 2013 18:33:16
Derby County are in advanced stages with Craig Forysth despite all the speculation. Clough is happy with the squad he now has. He would like to sign 1 or 2 players more which one is a centre back (kilgallon).
But any contract offer to Kilgallon depends on people offloading such as Fielding, Tyson and Theo. So Derby will be quiet until players depart the rams

Kilgallon is a free agent who is unlikely to hang around to sort his future while Derby get rid of Fielding et al. If they want him they will be striking now!

11 Jun 2013 21:28:06
Dunn almost Done deal

Dunn who?

Who is dunn

No Lies!

We can't afford his wages and he is not what we need right now

Richard dunne I presume

Whos dunn it?

Yes you have been dunn, quit a few times

Who ever started this rumor get a grip mate for gods sake

Well dunn mate u tell em

David Dunn of Blackburn possibly

10 Jun 2013 16:57:54
Johnny Russell signs four-year deal with Derby County

Well done derby you finally get a decent player

Errrrrrrrrrrrrm thankyou

10 Jun 2013 15:37:04
Derby are interested in Chesterfield defender Sam Hird. Hird previously won Doncasters player of the year award in the championship but has lost his way a little At his new club.

Clough is said to prefer Hird as a defensive midfielder, but can also play as a centre half.

A fee of around 100k has been mentioned as Hird has a year remaining on his contract, although chesterfield may be willing to let him go for less.

Who the hell is he

Never Hird of him

08 Jun 2013 23:12:37
Derby County


Johnny Russell - 750k
Craig Forsyth - 150k
Chris Martin - Free Agent
Lee Grant - Free Agent
Matthew Kilgallon - Free Agent
Harry Forrester - Free Agent


Theo Robinson
James Bailey
Tom Naylor
Frank Fielding
James Oconnor

Nathan Tyson will not leave as no club will be willing to offer the same wage he is on at Derby. Adam Legzdins at the moment wants to stay and put pressure on Lee Grant who will be first choice number 1.

I think Kilgallon is worth a look for free, aslong as his wages are too high

Don't think we'll get Forrester but the rest are very realistic/already completed.

See Craig Forsyth is on Watford's retained list so not clear cut we will sign him.

Russell signed on 4 year deal, Derby and Dundee Utd official websites

Is this just what you think?

08 Jun 2013 18:48:22
Derby are interested in Jon Taylor, winger from Shrewsbury.

08 Jun 2013 09:58:09
Sean St Leger seen being shown round Moor Farm.

Isn't he with Ireland?

Isnt he away on international duty?

100% not true he is on international duty. Also I heard he thinks he is a big time Charlie when really he couldn't get in a championship side at Leicester.

As with most posters they hide behind keyboards writing fantasy rumors made up in own heads or are in main wum. 99% of stuff on here is trash. as in papers

Dont want him at derby

It was before he went, about a week ago my sources tell me.

St. Ledger is putting pen to paper with sheffield wednesday this week.

06 Jun 2013 19:09:09
Looks like Celtic are going to rob Jonny Russell as they can offer champions leauge football. If this is true paddy madden is number 2 on our list!

I don't know if your talking about Derby's number 2 on the list but that is 100% James Vaughan.

I'd prefer paddy to vaughan

With Russell this time next season we will be premier league. COYR

Crikey our expectations have fallen if you think signing an SPL player is going to make all the difference.

No we are Derby. Already were the best in the league last year. Just had bad luck

Nothing wrong with SPL players. most are the championship top players, but then again none of you watch the league. And are only interested in the Glasgow derby. Well done in signing him though, thought he would have gone abroad. Should do well down there, has power and pace good first touch good finisher good in the air, and has skill. Plus he is a really hard worker to, and tracks back and tackles. Good up front or on the left wing. Its wingers you want now, to set up the chances. Andy Driver would be a good free, and James McFadden.

Rhodes is a scot and look how many goals he's got

He has never played in the SPL though, plus he is English and has no blood line to the nation. Good player though least he came through from the under 21 team, and showed the willing to want to play for us. Unlike so many others who are not good enough for England, and just want to have international football on there CV. So they can get a better move.

06 Jun 2013 10:31:38
Nigel Clough is looking into the possible signing of the ex-Reading left-back, Nicky Shorey, who has been released on a free transfer. The 32-year-old would be a direct replacement for Gareth Roberts, 35, who will retire when his contract runs out this Summer.

No the LB they are getting will be Craig Forsyth of Watford

05 Jun 2013 19:35:12
Johnny Russell JOB DONE signs on Monday

Great. who knows he could be the next Kenny Miller!!

Well done Derby - you've got yourselves a good player. So pleased he signed for you. I noticed the last time you were in the PL you got regular crowds of 33k. When you consider that you are a smaller city than near neighbours Nottingham, Leicester and Coventry, your support far outweighs theirs. Good luck for next season! DUFC

Why thank you very much

Looks like Celtic are going to beat us to this one!

Despite all rumours, the deal in not done!
Long admirers of the player, Huddersfield Town have been monitoring the situation and are set to hijack the deal over the weekend. Huddersfield have kept in close contact with Dundee United & fee is agreed. The player has told his agent that Huddersfield is his choice & Derby will be left disappointed early next week!

Utter rubbish. if he doesn't go to the Rams it will be Celtic

Why would he choose Huddersfield? Don't say money because wage will not be an issue for either club.

Derby have better everything pretty much: Fan Base, Stadium, Academy, First Team, Training Ground.

I am not going to say ambition though because that would be disrespectful to Huddersfield as if they get James Vaughan and 3 or 4 quality players that can certainly challenge next season.

Why would he choose Huddersfield, they had a relegation fight this season whereas Derby finished comfortably and are looking for a promotion push next season.

Russell scores headers so he is better than Miller, who hardly ever scored headers. He used his pace to play of the shoulder of the marking defender. Russell is a different kind of player, he uses the ball better. And can link midfield to attack, and has better movement. Especially for his age he is a lot more switched on than Miller was at 23. Who failed first time at Rangers. After breaking through at Hibernian. Russell has more game time to under his belt. Bringing him on more as a player. He can still improve though, and that will come if he gets international football. Right now he is behind other players, guys like Naismith, S Fletcher, Rhodes. And the first guy might be in and out the Everton team. Snodgrass to can play up front, who is better than him. Only down to having a few years extra experience at championship level before moving up to Norwich.

04 Jun 2013 20:21:26
Cardiff city have swooped in with an offer believed to be higher than derby's bid and attempt to hijack the deal due to the temptation of premier league football

For Johnny Russell

Don't believe this Rams. Why would we upset you if we want Brayford and, dare I say it, Hughes.


Brayford - you got 2 million he is yours

Hughes - you got 10 million and are willing to loan him back he is yours.

If this is for Russell then good luck, Already agreed terms with us and having a medical on Monday. Better luck next time!

03 Jun 2013 10:45:15
Derby To Meet Dundee's Value Of Striker Johnny Russell Some Time This Week

This guy has called it, announced today (Wednesday morning) that Derby have met the asking price if accepted.

Done deal, from insider source at Derby. Due to be announced tomorrow morning after player passes medical today

Russell is on holiday so won't be able to pass any medical until he returns unless we are flying him back just for the medical - contract is done and dusted though so just awaiting confirmation from DCFC end that a fee has been agreed

Derby will win the league now

Peter Lawell Celts main man has an agreement With dundee united to be informed of any bids and will match depending, Russell will be a celtic player as we missed out on Mccarthy and fletcher with same mistake and won't do it again.

He will sign for Celtic. not sure he would make the step up to the Championship anyway.

Doubt It When Celtic Are Signing Amido Balde

They've accepted Derby's third bid so he looks more likely to sign for Derby now.