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23 Jul 2013 22:12:29
from a reliable source, we are getting a very well known centre back from the prem on a 6 month deal. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST.

Who is it mr secretive?

Turns out its 12 months.


Turns out he was a full back! Not a centre half!

Yes please sir. Why did you say centre back, when he plays right back oooo mystic one

Lottery numbers?

Hes a centre/right back

Oh yeah very well known lol

This from the same person who thinks sammon is worth £3-4 mil so I don't think we should take you too seriously

10 Jul 2013 08:12:00
Coner Sammon to Hull as a second choice due to Charlie Austin failing medical! i'd take 2 mill!

Why he works hard yea he doesn't score much but he is a team player

I would prefer Charlie Austin

If this is true, I would accept the 2m, But I can't see Hull actually wasting money like that really.

Rubbish no bid just made up

Salmon is worth £3-4 mill at least

Easy 3mil

Salmon is no where near as good as austin and he's worth half of most of the numbers above being a hard worker is only half the job you need ability and he doesn't have prem ability but decent champ player

03 Jul 2013 10:00:42
Leicester have made a £750,000 bid for Jamie Ward. nowhere near enough in my view, one of our better players.

Hes not worth tha, 27 and coming to the end of his peak. I'd be happy with a more realistic 400-500k

He also has 2 years on his contract and scored 12 goals in 26 games.
Don't you think 12 goals a year is worth more than 750 Grand?

750k you having a frikin laugh. No team in the championship can stop him

I'd take 750k due to his dodgy hamstrings

2 mil at least. We've rejected bids of 3m from Leicester before

When he was 25 yes. different story now. Injury prone and past his best

Probably 1 of the best LMs in the Championship

Tricky one for me. very injury prone and I suspect his hamstring will go 3 times this season. it went 2 last and this was very disappointing. if he wasn't injury prone then I would say reject no hesitation. but I think if we get close to a mil we have to accept in my opinion. and I think his hamstring will go a lot at Leicester

Will everyone shut up about his injury? He's one of our best players and worth 1M+. We won't be selling anyway end of!

Dear me. can't you accept that some of your better players do have to move on at some point

Yes they may move on but you would have thought they would move to a better club. Leicester, really?

Finished 4 places above with 7 points more and reached the playoffs. Not exactly a step down is it

In same division again starting with same points total despite premier league dreams and not a better club, certainly not a bigger club.

How much are lester in debt?

Utter rubbish more made up tripe

When did anyone ever bid £3million for Jamie Ward. ?. utter nonsense, would have been sold for half that!

Ward is Cloughie favourite despite only playing half a season every year due to dodgy hamstrings and not being the best at penalties! Since Commons left he is by far Derbys best creative player and when in full flow can change any game. Needs to learn to cross the ball a bit more instead of trying to take in two players all the time, defenders expect it now and an early tackle can put him out the game!

Jamie is not for sale.

Just for the record Leicester are in
£100mill of debt

Ino like what they saying

Just for the record we are not 100 mill in debt. Where are you getting that bo**ocks from? Typical derby fans always dwelling on the past sayin Leicester are smaller than Derby. pfft LOL

02 Jul 2013 18:13:22
Derby in for roger johnson.2m bid.

Haha, Derby don't have that money to spend

My dads mate who is a Wolves fan knows someone from the club and he said that Derby had put in a 1.5m bid for him

Can't see us going for him the guy is on 40k a week and also hated by the wolves fans for not putting the effort in

Thought he was available on a free. he is rubbish anyway

Better than keogh and barker put together. I suspect he's destined for better things

When? Not for last 2 seasons at Wolves? 3 years back when playing with Danns?
I question his commitment 42k a week, don't make me laugh, an indictment on football that such an average player gets 2m a year.