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31 Aug 2012 01:22:20
Derby are trying to wrap up a loan deal for forest strikes Marcus tudgay with a view to a permanent deal in Jan if all goes well. Tudgay still lives in chellaston and wants to come back to his home town club

Hope u get him. were on to bigger and better things.

Hope not, hes one of the hardest workers we've got, not a 20 goal a season striker but i would be sad to see him go, especially lower himself to that extent. coyr
V1 bridgeford upper

I a forest i love my club ,like derby fans love their club,

Ill ask his dad when i see him thursday and get back to u about this and see if he is actually going to come

Marcus Tudgay is a Sussex boy from Shoreham

Would love to see him back at hard and scores goals.

Iits not happening. marcus tudgay is staying at nottingham. clough has no interest.

Tudgay is not coming back to Derby. Clough doesn't want him!

Expect Hughes to be sold for 5m+ in Jan and loaned back!

Tudgay was born in Sussex, but raised in Derby! His family still support Derby!

22 Aug 2012 22:15:39
Derby are set to make a double swoop on the premier league with the signings off man city denis suarez and chelsea's adam phillip

We have been linked with this Denis suarez so if we want him we will get him as we have money
You reds

Forest are not half as wealthy as you think. Al-Hasawi is worth $480m. Do some research Red Dog! Certainly no billionaire!!

480 million and not rich? maybe if your board spent more money on footballing talent instead of a new 1.5m big screen for u to watch your sorry asses get whooped on each week you'd stand more of a chance of fighting 4 survival in the championship next season rather than playing in league 1. where your destined to b playin for the next few years.

v1 brigeford upper

Brave statement. lets see if your mouth is as big at the end of the season

Al hasawi is only 1 of 3 co owners and have bought forest as a family and are much richer than your statement so do your hone work better next time lol!

Do your homework better! What is their net spend? You will be laughing on the other side of your face soon.

None of your owners are as rich as three of the Derby owners! If you spend big and fail to go up you will get embargoed under FFP!

Brag all you want, but don't get promoted and you are stuffed big time! You are still losing 1m a month! So under FFP which is coming in you'll be fined and banned from signing players.

Ricketts, Mallett and Wilson at Derby are all Billionaires. Keep your eye on the news too! You may find that sometime in the near future they'll be laughing at you with regards to ownership!

Forest owners business turns over 4 billion a year it's on record easy to check

Funny that if teams break FFP rules they will get fined, does the fine become a running cost so the spend would be decreased. If not there would be no point as just keep breaking rules and paying fines no loss to rich clubs

Connor sammon and kieran freeman. league one here you go. cox will fire us up.

Forest haven't spent big (as your fans keep reminding us) but sensibly, the ffp rules will be of no concern anyway next season as we'll be in the PREMIER league a couple of divisions apart from of neighBAA's. FTID.
V1 bridgeford upper

Doesnt care how rich our new owners are, we have brought in some very talented players and they have conducted a very nice bit of business in bringing these players in!

So bitch all you want, it just shows our new owners have ambition, and are very good shrewd business men, great deals on very good talented players that did not cost the earth...bargain buys, sounds like jealousy Dirtby fans!

All gone quiet now! Clough has bought well whilst red dogs spend millions on failures! Haha! Couldn't hit a barn door! Three in a row! Premier league you are having a laugh!

Your kicking off at Derby having no money, but we signed Conor Sammon for 1.2million to date socred 4 goals, Forest signed Simon Cox for around 2-2.5million and to date socored 4 goals! SO SHUT UP! we dont spend loads on players but they still do the job.

Who's higher in the league. De...

Oh wait, Forest.

Arguement over.


22 Aug 2012 22:10:26
nigel clough wants another 3 more players after the arrivals of connor sammon and keiran freeman these are believed to be :
mario yepes - ac milan
matty james on loan - leicester city
gareth owen - port vale

More chance of getting Sid Owen

More like Derbyshire, Moussi and McGoldrick, All the players we don't want ;-)

Mario Yepes is too old don't want him here lol.

20 Aug 2012 20:52:53
Possible loan move for Simeon Jackson from Norwich

Would be nice. top player at the level

You lot need defenders badly,everyone can see it it apart from your tunnel vision manager!!!

16 Aug 2012 20:07:43
Connor Sammon and Kieron Freeman will sign tomorrow in time for the game on saturday.

Think u'll find cloughie u-turns on sammon . quite rite too

Sammon has reportedly been at Derby today and is going to sign after agreeing personal terms.....

This is true.....hes been at moor farm today...17th, and his twitter page backs my case......hes a ram official

A striker who has scored 1 goal in 34 games in English football for 1.2 million ?? wheres the logic

Fit in well with rest of your team! lol

The logic my woolly sheep follower is agent clough is going to get you relegated this season and spend all your transfer money so you cant get back.

He spent transfer money on way up to bolton,stop at maccy d's on way! coyrs

15 Aug 2012 21:42:25
I heard clough asked about billy sharp on a season loan, Southampton will only loan him in January , so. I can't see it happening.

After your last result,sounds to me that you need a back four or a midfield who track coyr's

14 Aug 2012 11:01:06
Derby County after Forest fullback
Freeman Freeman by name N/C price

We've got a few more we dont want,take them aswell please!!

Being a Forest fan I think if you get freeman you will have got a pretty good player.

Freeman is a very talented young player with a bright future but from what i can gather his attitude stinks. good riddance we only want players that want 2 play 4 us

Well u have tudgay, reid, camps (mardy boy) greening etc who all have pretty poor attititudes

07 Aug 2012 20:26:12
Regarding McGoldrick I sent this rumour through last week. Old news to me as rams been monitoring him for some time. Probably not going to get much first team football at forest and being a good friend of tyson could be our forward pair this season. Supposedly been looking sharp and could be shrewd business by nig

Lol you have got to be joking? league1 player, he wont score many at county. pfffttt joke

He was on loan to Sheff Wed last year and was GARBAGE

07 Aug 2012 14:50:03
Derby County are to try and get David McGoldrick on a season long loan from Nottingham Forest. Derby are also close to signing J Lloyd Samual on a 6 month loan .

Don't make me laugh

Why! ok we do need some players and McGoldrick could fit in well. But no way will we get J-lloyd.

We will get j lloyd were the biggist team in the championship. if the board gave us money then many players would love to come here

You do realise sam is out on contract, was on loan at notts county last season and now on trial with them?..

Lloyd Sam was on loan at Notts County..... Not J-Lloyd samuel

Haha biggest team in championship, your having a laugh! That's probably either Blackburn, Bolton or sheff Wednesday, not the rams!

Or Nottingham forest like it or not there a big team

On what planet do you live Derby the biggest club in the championship I'm a Forest fan and even we aren't the biggest team in the championship you muppet.

07 Aug 2012 12:16:01
Derby have made a shock move for Emile Heskey. Sounds like bs but ive heard from numerous sources that its true. He has agreed to take a massive wage cut as he wants regular football and is an admirer of Clough

06 Aug 2012 02:17:40
Davies was down at ipswitch yesterday not sure what happened but yes he was in talks with Ipswich still nothing finalised.

No he wasnt.He went to the races in the morning then watched the olympics with his family in the afternoon check his twitter.Ipwswich are not signing him you dont have the money so your not

05 Aug 2012 00:54:56
Heard a lot of talk about steve davies going reading as he wants a move down south and brian mcdormott has always been a big admirer in exchange derby want simon church

You're kidding? Davies isn't good enough for premiership

I disagree i think he is. hes a top player. touches of class

01 aug 2012 17:57:58
derby after bristol rovers attacker zebroski you heard it here first

He signed for cheltenham town today 2 year contract

BS,gone cheltnham