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01 Oct 2011 22:46:35
Oh how we laugh

Nearly as much as we still are remember 2-1 with ten men at your place and Tuesday 5-1 to the mighty burnley

Sheeps seem to forget about 5-2 spanking they had last season, then thinking they were going to get revenge and still lost. Unlucky bods

01 Oct 2011 20:25:13
Abutting should of been 6 lads!! N n

28 Sep 2011 21:16:40
Taxi for ncclaren 5-1 5-1 5-1

He will even shield you with his brolly

26 Sep 2011 21:44:34
Nigel Clough to got Forest im afraid :(

He already got you don't you remember 2-1 with ten men

14 Sep 2011 17:23:02
Micheal Owen wants to play in a Derby shirt NNNaaaarrrrr you wally's, Man Utd's v Man City lol

Talking of wallys how's ncclaren the original wally doing is he sacked after ten man super rams hammered red scum today

You can only hope

Hope you keep him he'll get you relegated

To any derby fans getting carried away have you seen your side play? All that happened today is one very poor side lost to another very poor side in what was a very poor game so if you are looking for scraps to live off there all yours

The only poor side is the one that got beat by a team that played pretty much the entire game with ten men and are third from bottom, oh and we've won 5 from 7 how's that poor?! FAIL! Bye bye florest

There's plenty of scrap on the side of the Trent!!

Like non league Nigel said play to the whistle and the final one is a long way off! So if you like you can dream that you're a good side but if I remember right you started pretty well last year? How did you get on I forget? But like the rest of the football league you tend not to be in my thoughts that much, there you go forgot who you are again!

For someone who doesn't think about derby too much you seem to know alot about us like what our manager says and our form from last season

Were the side who's board you frequent, now go n cry in your tin shed n think what you're saying next time! Now run along!

10 men 88 minutes 2 goals priceless

Thought that would shut you lot up

TEN MEN! We only need TEN MEN!!

I spoke to a forest fan who went to the game and he said the best team won. why cant all the other morons who come on our site admit it too? because theyre morons!

What about that dumping ground died park at least the ground next to the trent has 2euro cups have you NO NO

14 Sep 2011 16:33:50
Forest spent millions, really?

I read an article several weeks ago about the 1-0 over Pride Park last year, it gave a link to a LTLF, a very good Forest forum.

When Clough accused us of spending millions on a starting line up, a member totted up how much everyone in the starting 11's teams that say cost overall...

Derby's team then added up to roughly £4.7 million...

Forest's team that day, added up to £4.65 million...

We spend millions? Make a better excuse guys...

13 Sep 2011 18:28:45
Ah, normal service resumed then. Doesn't matter if it wasn't a penalty, losing 2-0 to Coventry is a seriously bad result, and you've lost two in the row, not great.

Sure, we've lost our last two games, but we did play very well against Saints, who rated us as by far the best team that has played them so far, we're improving every game (Despite the result against WHU, we did play better than we did against Leicester)...

Also, you keep saying you look down at us. The table means nothing at all, until you get to January, when we start to pick up form. We've played five games!

Should be a good game though, I'll go 3-1 to the Reds...

Ah normal service resumed