Derby Transfer Banter Archive October 01 2013 to October 31 2013


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21 Oct 2013 09:01:34
Liverpool England u21 captain Wisdom in on loan.

Your on a roll at mo. Won't last, mclaren will muck up, just a matter of time, then us super reds will win the league, just a matter of time, lol.

Forest to sign will Hughes in jan, wants to play for a better, ambitious side, that's going places, with a great manager and chairman.

Yh a great manager that's already left u before. Just hpoe forest don't sign anyone in the window and king billy jumps on his horse and rides into the sunset perfect jan lol

A wolly brolly, an ex England manager, that did nowt, and a flop at the super reds, after leicester on Friday night, you will be on your way down.

What an hammering the foxes gave you, your defence was shocking, you had your run, leave it now to the big boys. Coyr.

Manager of month, kiss of death, what a poor team u looked the other night, saw Sunday league sides play better.

19 Oct 2013 13:58:57
Derby need to be careful about selling Hughes to Premiership. Look what happened to Barnsley player Jacob Butterfield, one of the best players in the league and went to the premiership, he struggled and is now back in the championship with Middlesborough.

Will roll about on the floor Hughes isn't good enough for the prem. Now lansburys class.

Lansbury is a prem reject.

01 Oct 2013 22:25:13
Mclaren is the man. 4-1 down goes into the dressing room gives em all a rollicking and hey 3 goals without reply.
WE ARE going UP. WE R going UP.


You are going down, going down. Wait for the mclaren excuses to appear

Can't wait for when you rams are calling for the Wollys head.