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27 Jul 2013 18:06:34
0-2 and by all accounts we were lucky to get 0.
another mid table year
and why can't anyone see we need 2 quality defenders.
"an exiting season mr glick?" for who?

An exiting year if you are QPR /Watford/Bolton/Wigan/Reading MR


Exciting times for Forest, going to blow this league apart.

Forest are to put in a bid for will Hughes next week. Be in a red shirt soon!

Derby fans must be getting nose bleeds that far up the table. Wait a month you will be back in your normal mid table spot. You can take dex blackstock just like you did the brilliant Tyson!

FOREST 1 NIL PUB TEAM. Wee billy had destroyed the passing football game at Forest in a desperate attempt to get into playoffs. (same as he did at Derby)The worst manager in History. (Fact)

Mid table again. Will be forest this year. Sad to say it but look at what they spent. And imo a very good manager that knows the league. {Ed001's Note - you would say that, you are a Forest fan pretending to be a Derby fan, which is an automatic ban. Childish and pathetic to do so.}

25 Jul 2013 23:41:09
Cardiff Set To Sign John Brayford

Gutted But Best Of Luck To Him

24 Jul 2013 18:54:09
From a forest fan.

Our thoughts are with Nigel and his family x


Here here

Ccfc have agreed a 2m fee with cardiff city

22 Jul 2013 22:11:08
We are in desperate need of a quality centre back. if we get that sorted its top 6 all the way.
Johnny russell is worth £5mill going on what he's done already.

Russell is a good player but 5million? Then again I did just see a flying pig out my bedroom window.

Russell is worth mill and half and your team is lacking in ability compared to most teams even if you make top half its because nc you call your self fans when you slate the man that held your club together since he started you won't get promotion get real maybe if you had a defence you would get play offs at most and I think nottingham ram is on bath salts with theese kind of comments

We are going up. let's look at the facts
1. one of the best keepers in the league.
2. the best centre half in the league.
3. two quality full backs.
4. the best midfield plus back up in the league.
5. four quality strikers inc jonney 30 goal russell.
6. stability.
7. youth
8. team spirit.
9. prem stadium
10. prem training facilities
11. prem fans.
for starters

Russell is not even in the Scotland squad, would love him to be a 30 goal a year striker, how ever if he scores plus 20 down there it would be a great first season for him. Boyd was a more natural six yard penalty box striker, and he only managed 12 in his only season down there. And he is a better finisher, but just can be a bit lazy. Russell has the work rate, hope he transforms that into goals. Or else he will wish he took the Italian sun tan.

Best centre half in the league?
- didn't realise Kelvin Wilson played for Derby!

As a Rangers fan Jonny Russell will do far better in England than Kris Boyd for three reasons: 1) He has a far better attitude; 2) He's harder working; 3) He's a better player!

16 Jul 2013 20:59:53
New Away Kit. RED! They have to be kidding?

Do you want him back?thought he was still in lansburys pocket

Luv the kit.
We hear on the grapevine that Derby are merging with forest.


11 Jul 2013 13:01:49
Will Hughes won't be leaving pp, no premiership club would pay out for a unproven player at the top level, he isn't consistent like last season proved

02 Jul 2013 12:16:20
Nigel Clough invites experienced midfielder John Eustace to train with Derby. source sky sports but imo i'm glad its only training