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31 Jul 2011 19:55:27
Tyson or Miller let me think

It's a clough one

Ed any truth in the Miller rumour ? {Ed001's Note - I don't have any info on it one way or the other, so I really don't know sorry.}

30 Jul 2011 01:18:32
the guy who is taking the piss out of scottish players your totally wrong what about charlie adam played with rangers now moved to liverpool from blackpool what about darren fletcher another scottish player playing with man u barry bannan at aston villa steven fletcher wolves kenny miller cardiff mcfadden birmingham so how is there no good players from scotland

That is a good point

26 Jul 2011 13:34:32
20 Jul 2011 21:18:05
Nigel clough spotted at Forest game tonight.Apparantly looking at Mcgugan as back up

back up ? hes better then any of your midfield so why would he be back up , are you a little bit special ?

Ha he wud be our first choice if he came to us, he is quality but wont be at forest or derby, he will be goin prem in january

No he won't you idiot, McClaren isn't selling anyone that's a first team regular unless it's for a huge price...

25 Jul 2011 12:42:51
Both Nigel Jemson and Des Walker are happy with there new coaching roles at derby"Its great to be back with our old forest teamates"said an overjoyed Jemson

21 Jul 2011 19:11:37
your right cloughie was at the game to see how football is supposed to be played

Yes Nigel was there to check mcgugan our reserves are looking a bit weak but he wasn't good enough for them

Reserves, , is that what you call that excuse of a first team these days, hay its not all bad at least you got tyson wide shot.

Well we only take your best players for free ie kriss commons for free if Tyson is 10 percent of him another bargain we sold you earnshaw and you gave him away for nothing and that's what he was worth half your team will be ex derby next season so don't expect to finish above us with the wally

Yes you take our best players for free. tyson is not 1 % of KFC, he is utter garbage. Us signing earnie was terrible business wasn't it. How many did he put past you again?

You claim you buy you're sloppy seconds. Correction: We buy the players that you're idiotic owners and coaches think are rubbish, look at Camp, he's rated as the best goalkeeper in England outside of the Premier League.

How many did Earnier score against you in all his games? He scored more goals against you in two games than it took KFC in six games against us...

20 Jul 2011 21:27:58
Getting very annoyed with how we have become a low league championship team signing very average players, what makes it worst is when forest and Leicester are signing quality players managers back room staff, and for the last 2 years have been on the way up. Can't help but think them them 2 will get the autos next year,

20 Jul 2011 07:26:45
Frazer Hicklin to sign for Derby as a third goalkeeper, he was awarded keeper of the year for the Blue Sqaure North and is coming on a free. He is a Derby fan and will be a great addition. Last year he played for Histon earning 23 clean sheets out of 38 for the club. This is talent. Source is News.

What league do Histon play in? How desperate must Derby be to be signing players from the Non-leagues and saying they're good?

Lee camp lol Darren Pratley goal springs to mind quality keeper lllloooolll

You do realize I'm a Leicester fan? I don't mind Forest but hate Derby because they think they own the East Midlands, when we do.

You mean until Sven n owners get bored of
Being in charge of walkers workmens team.
Then derby n forest can laugh as you go
bankrupt, bye bye small team of the midlands.

20 Jul 2011 07:15:30
14 Jul 2011 09:21:18
From a good source, Derby Set To Sign Guy Moussi in the next few days and Chris Cohen is set to follow moussi to derby, two brilliant signings i would say


What happened to your good source now then fool? Moussi signed a three year deal yesterday (Source: SSN) and Cohen is part of our first team, and Steve isn't selling any of our regulars. .

He's signed a new contract at Forest?

18 Jul 2011 13:03:42
brilliant i cnt wait untill next season when you ram sh@gg3rs realise u aint nothing but a below average team that's going nowhere other than down like the last few seasons. you keep going on about all ur signings when frankly i aint heard of none of them, other than tyson who can't score to save his life

18 Jul 2011 10:18:41
Guy Moussi has signed a new 3 year deal with Forest so that's another signing gone, Cohen said he would never leave to a rival lcub and he is committed to Forest for at least another season, Shaun Barker to leave to Forest saying he would relish the chance to play with the club hes always dreamed of playing for, We however are to sign Derick Boyata from Manchester City to replace Barker. Barker is going for 1.5 mliion.

Source: Mirror Online

No, Boyata is not going to Derby. Besides, Boyata is fairly rubbish anyway. .

16 Jul 2011 14:03:05
i find it quiet funny that u derby fans think you will be signing all of these forest player when really you havent got a chance in hell and i also find it funny how your say that forest are crap and everthing but want our players, come on going to derby would be a step back in there careers, forest are a much bigger club, we don't have to give tickets away for free to get people to come and watch oh yh and 1 more thing 5-2

Let em av Tyson coundn't hit a cows arse

Im sure i heard forestS big attendance last season was when they let kids in for a quid lol teapot kettle ha ha

I'm sure I heard Derby's big away attendances when they give them out for free ha ha.

We have the second best away support, you have the second WORST, Notts County brought more fans than you away in LEAGUE 2 than you did in the Championship. .

That is not true

Yes it is matey boy. 2009-10 season, more County fans went to League 2 away matches than Derby did in the Championship. That's how poor your support is.

Oh, and you do realize last season Forest's away attendance was the second best in the league, only behind Leeds, and yours was like 20th.

15 Jul 2011 16:39:19
11 Jul 2011 13:56:19
chambers and moussi are having medicalks at derby as we speak, i am a forest fan and know this for a fact, i am not a happy bunny at all

14 Jul 2011 09:21:18
From a good source, Derby Set To Sign Guy Moussi in the next few days and Chris Cohen is set to follow moussi to derby, two brilliant signings i would say

13 Jul 2011 14:32:14
Rams to sign Chris riggot and Grant Holt


You've made my day. I never knew having so much fun with sheep made you so deluded. Worst team in the East Midlands, other than County.

14 Jul 2011 22:57:33
If Derby are 'the best in the east midlands, why is everyone saying they are trying to buy all their rivals players? . .

Yeah your right tbh mate, We keep signing average players, With leicester signing great players and forest looking like they are finally gonna starting to tie down deals, were gonna be screwed next season

14 Jul 2011 20:29:04
why on earth would moussi and cohen sign for derby they are at a club that's gonna be pushin for promotion and derby bottom three get a grip and your head out your arse

Moussi never even considered Derby and signed a three year deal, whilst Cohen apparently would only leave for West Ham...

11 Jul 2011 12:04:10
Any news on the Megson story that was around a few weeks ago.I spoke to a mate who works for espn and he reckons glick still wants it to happen.Dont know if Derby are giving clough a few weeks then the tin tack and meggo in.Is that the plan?

Clough is staying, the megson rumour is bull :)

10 Jul 2011 20:26:49
guy moussi twitter
i don't know how derby can say they have put a bid in when i would only play for top midland team who finishes in top 6

Nothing has been said on Twitter just checked


10 Jul 2011 10:57:25
not looking good for us. Nigel is staying as appleby gives his full support. Maguire is rubbish, did nothing in the spl, tyson can't shoot, fielding was crap in the under 21's. we're buying quantity not quality, we're worse than we were last year.

worrying times for derby.

10 Jul 2011 00:26:07
09 Jul 2011 18:53:49
Alex Mckiernan the up and coming youngster looks set to sign his first professional contract tomorrow at 7pm with Derby County he has been described as the next Messi and could help give them the promotion push they need


Wow, Derby are deluded. If he's the next Messi, why the hell has no-one heard of him. People listen to these sort of players and no Prem club has bid for him. Unlike our Jamal Lascelles, Man U and Arsenal bid for him but were rejected. .

Ha ha ha Best laugh ive had in ages. Well done derby fans, keep deluding yourselves Makes me smile

You derby just don't see it do you

Guys, he's going to Derby


10 Jul 2011 00:24:37
08 Jul 2011 12:16:26



very reliable source.


Shorey will more likely head to Forest, he knows he's a hero there, Schteeve gave him his England cap and generally, Forest are the much better team. .

Phillips won't go, and Moussi is a crock, you'll be lucky to get three or four games with him in a row at the most before he does his knee in. .

10 Jul 2011 00:20:51
09 Jul 2011 19:40:23
Derby to sign Gunter from the scum for 600k and Stephen Bywater.


You, little boy, are high Gunter has a price tag six times more than 600k, and you can have Bywater, did you see what he did against Reading in the Play-Offs? "Oh I'll easily kick this ball away. . Oops"

Seriously, try and make your rumours better.

More like deluded forest fans who can't put a realistic price on there players. Forest need to cut wages and get some money back after all the money that Billy Davies wasted. Which is why Camp is going along with all the players that have been realeased and Bywater is a good cheap replacment.

Gunter is easily worth three million, he's rated as one of the best RB in England outside of the Prem (Not my words). Besides, look at people like Downing and Henderson worth £20 million. Now tell me how he's not worth that much. .

Just because the team you've got is worth 12p.

Don't be mean mate. The Derby team are easily morth 15p...

09 Jul 2011 20:18:11
i heard that steve maclaren was going to sign your best players but when he had a good look at your squad you did not have any

08 Jul 2011 20:09:01
I am a dedicated Derby fan, i love the club and i wish i didn't have to say this but, my mate works with Mclaren at Forest and he says that Forest are set to sign two of our players, one is Barker and the other is Bailey. They are being offered way higher wages then we pay them and they are amongst 6 other players that will undergo medicals at the City Ground before Forest fly to Portugal. They have a agreed their personal terms and will sign by Monday. Looks like we'll be chasing some other players now then and here you are:

To replace Barker will be Derik Boyata of Man City and to replace Bailey will be Shaun Wright-Phillips of Man City.

Barker and Bailey are terminated contracts and are leaving but we now have the chance for 2 better players from Man City.

Was just wondering why people make this rubbish up obviously forest fans have no transfers of their own to talk about I give them til November before they are crying for Billy Davies to come back

Oh dear. Ironic really that all the Derby fans seem to do is go on our pages. Explains how little rumours there are here. .

No, you're not signing a defender that is going to have more first team football at City than ever, and a midfielder that will attract Prem clubs? Wow, how thick are you

Nah, Billy did a good job, but McClaren is a better job and has already forced the club into actually buying someone. Besides, Wayne Routledge looks set to join us, plus a host of foreign players. .

I bet by January, you'll either be crying for Clough to be sacked, or he will be sacked. .

Billy davis was ur best manager, steve mclaren is s**t, thats why he got sacked then moved to holland, u wont do as well as u think u will next season, and as for the barker and bailey rumor, gl with tht 1

08 Jul 2011 19:29:04
Oh how we laugh at Derby when they think they can beat the mighty Leicester. You have more chance of beating scummy forest. lol we are the best and have all the money with the best manager in the world sven we luv ya.

Ha Leicester with no history and a manager who will flee the club within 6 months. Us and Forest may hate each other but together we love to hate leicester even more. So now jog on and find a club who is willing to play a local derby with you, because it sure aint us neither is it Forest. Leicester are like a roaming dog with no home.

Judging by your post you sound like a ten year old? you may have some money but your passion is lacking and your bald manager is a joke. Leicester go and do one and leave the real Midlands clubs to have classic matches.

Wow Derby and Forest fans kind of sticking together Never thought id see the day. . it is true though.
Leicester, you're boring us, you've got no rivalry and because you're club is so boring you try to jump in on Forest Derby. Go and bother Loughborough or someone.