Derby Transfer Banter Archive January 01 2013 to January 31 2013


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31 Jan 2013 23:17:17
please feel free to stiplate any rumours you desire. glad the transfer window is shut. yes there's the possible loan system to come into play. . but lets get down to some football. and stop trying to ridicule yourselfs by sending ficticous rumours. being saying for weeks. NO ACTIVITY OF ANY SUBSTANCE WILL TAKE PLACE AT PRIDE PARK. . ;-)

31 Jan 2013 19:08:59
Heard we're signing a korean player, fu kin no one

24 Jan 2013 21:14:08
Hey lads whens dex signing? Lol wo ho 4 and a half yr deal signed with the supper reds.biggest club alwys and forever in the midlands. Tere onli one dexter blackstock you mite gt him fr a month or so jus bfre he hangs up his boots. Flash red

We ever wanted him.

23 Jan 2013 18:32:53
Dexter Blackstock's move to derby looks back on the cards as Forest have bid for Henderson.

In your dreams sheep!
Dexter would rather be a bench warmer for us than play for you lot!

18 Jan 2013 19:47:24
sheep have bid for super dex from the mighty reds its on tv he will never join he a red thru and thru COYR DEX WITH THE WINNER TOMMORROW

16 Jan 2013 18:06:18
Tyson to Millwall on loan....

07 Jan 2013 10:23:46
I am a Forest Fan of 46 years and have long enjoyed the banter between the rival clubs. I am writing to say I am appalled at the behaviour of some of your fans with the despicable tweets to Billy Sharp regarding his kid. I am aware that this will be frowned upon by the greater majority of your fans I hope you will join is in deploring this behaviour . I look forward to many years of rivalry in a not so friendly way but without this kind of sick taunting. Cyprus Red

Although I agree that these comments ar out of order, he's a grown man and will have heard it all before. If you take a look at what Forest fans tweet to our 17 year old Will Hughes on a daily basis, it's a disgrace and doesnt paint forest fans in a good light. Glass houses and all that.