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28 Jan 2011 10:05:11

Unfortunately Sergio Torres has turned down the chance to join Derby as he is keen to continue with his teams FA cup run and also doesn't feel his style of play will be suited to a team resorting to the big boot in an effort to avoid almost certain relegation.

27 Jan 2011 17:31:49

Hi. Is the lad Commons any good? Looks like he'll join us at Celtic Park.

27 Jan 2011 15:42:23
Why are there so many d%ckhead scum fans on this site? look at the top of the screen it says DERBY not shotingham . just like to say sad to see commons leaving but for 20 grand a week can't blame him. 300k is a bit cheap but that's football today. lets hope we can invest the money in a player, sammon from kilmarnock would be a good buy.

26 Jan 2011 23:39:30

My mate thinks derby as a football team how stupid can one man be

26 Jan 2011 10:18:30

To the sad rams fan, please stick to signing ilkeson town players and leave the football to the team who've humiliated you twice, why do you think all your players want to leave, you can whine all you like but in reality you know deep down your SHUT, oh forgot to mention there's a good left wingers in our local under 12s move might want to look at .

26 Jan 2011 08:43:00
As for tudGAY did he actually play at pride park? i don't remember seeing him! ! ex derby keeper kept you in it ex derby striker scored your goal. where would you be without derby? NOWHERE

25 Jan 2011 18:52:09

21 Jan 2011 08:47:43

I take it the idiot who posted the last comment is a chap who has billy the dwarf signed in the window? eeeeer that wud be nobody then " nigel clough is a ram he HATES forest"

Erm I think you will find we have signed Marcus Tudgay (remember him, made you look like clowns) and Robbie Findley.

So one whos scored 4 in 5 and one who played at the world cup vs a 29 year old whos has scratched a career in the lower leagues.

You really should engage the brain befor putting the fingers in gear.

24 Jan 2011 13:30:18

All us Forest fans would like to thank Non League Nigel for his committments to making us laugh at Direby Clownty!

In all seriousness he is doing a grand job and will no doubt fulfill his ambition of making Direby a non league club. .dont sack him!

24 Jan 2011 09:25:17

Derby county beleive to be signing matty taylor from bolton for 1.5 million and derby currently in talks over a contract leon osman

24 Jan 2011 09:24:12

Derby to sign Matty Taylor from bolton before jan end and also have agree terms with Kanu

23 Jan 2011 22:15:31

Robbie Savage is now hated at Derby So that makes a full deck. mr Savage you are finished

23 Jan 2011 09:53:36

Waghorn will not be joining Direby. He says he wants to play for a football team and not a girls netball team. Fact.

21 Jan 2011 12:07:19

Ben Davis what a great signing. He should keep u up! !

21 Jan 2011 09:57:41

My Friend is on the board at Derby and there not looking to sign anyone for the first team this season there looking for youngster and there interested in Sheffield Wednesday youngster Scott Mcdermid and also looking at a player on trial at Sheffield Wednesday Harvey Torr who has recently left Sheffield United and is a hot prospect for the future.

21 Jan 2011 08:47:43

I take it the idiot who posted the last comment is a chap who has billy the dwarf signed in the window? eeeeer that wud be nobody then " nigel clough is a ram he HATES forest"

19 Jan 2011 06:23:28

17 Jan 2011 23:42:31

Hope its not true but i herd there was a scout at watford watching brayford and danny graham from birmingham city dnt shoot the messanger

Haha, Birmingham city u17 girls side wouldn't want Brayford.

16 Jan 2011 21:44:51

Nigel for pope keep up the good work ha ha.NFFC

14 Jan 2011 15:41:00

No high profile signings coming in because we have not got the money. Championship status is all we can hope for in the meantime.

12 Jan 2011 16:19:27

From inside PP. Clough will stay with Derby. He has not offered to go & the board have not asked him to go. It's all hype! The only problem with the recent slump in form is the board are less willing to spend in the January window. Derby look destined to a midtable finish & as there are no fears of relegation at the club, it is seen as vital that Nigel be allowed to go on building a team for the future. Players will only be allowed to leave the club if it makes good business sense. There is always a need to look at running costs in any club & Derby county are no different.
It's business as usual Peter J

12 Jan 2011 14:35:03

My window cleaner said that his milk man was talking to a guy that runs the paper shop who was on the bus the other day was sat next to non league nigel and he said "that munto finance are intrested in buying dierby county selling off all the assets and turning the ikea stadium aka pride park into flats" 100%

12 Jan 2011 13:11:41


11 Jan 2011 13:16:11

Clough GONE ?

Derby's local radio phone-in nearly plunged into meltdown after the televised horror show, demanding that Clough be removed by the club's American owners.

Clough's decision to blank the press, an instruction that also included his stunned players, has only served to increase the pressure on his shoulders