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31 Aug 2011 14:14:53

Just been on the forest site. what a bunch of moaning tos*£rs we want this we want that get rid of the chairman i almost pi**ed myself laughing. its nice to be sitting at the top looking down on the red scum. COME ON DERBY!

5 games into the new season and your looking down on the reds,will you be saying the same with 5 games to go ? i very much doubt it,remember its a marathon not a sprint

We will still send you out the city ground with ya tails between ya legs on saturday after embarrassing u again. u think ya gettin promotion cause u r near the top after 6 games but derby will do wht they did last season build u up and let u down and u will finish up in a relegation battle

Would the joker who posted this like to come back and speak?......... no ? or are you flooding the trent with your tears. and what a pathetic turn out for a local derby. 27000 and thats only because we brought 4500 with us! be ashamed be very ashamed

31 Aug 2011 11:29:59
The Derby County board have expressed to Nigel Clough that their is no more available transfer funds in this window. Nigel clough believes this is a posotive as he does not to bring new players in, wrecking the teams morale. The board have identified that their will be more money in the january transfer window, but the board will either invest big or little into how derby are doing through the season.

28 Aug 2011 19:04:36
Why is everyone saying owen is might be coming to derby, You know clough said it's a ridiculous rumour....

26 Aug 2011 01:10:11
hello derby how would yous like Glasgow rangers and Glasgow Celtic to play in England am asking all me personnaly think it would be a great thing as the old firm need a fresh start

Not a chance, your to clubs are an embarrassment, start in the blue sqaure north

24 Aug 2011 14:45:47
Every body needs to understand that Derby will NOT be making anymore signings in this transfer window.Clough does not want to upset the team spirit with new players.Derby will probably sign two more players in the jan transfer window .THIS IS RELIABLE INFO !!!

20 Aug 2011 11:39:24
these forest fans make me laugh they spend millions loose twice in the play offs get a anutha ex derby at there hot seat and it takes them 3 games to get their first shot on target derby buy 10 players costing nearly 2 m i love it u rams

We spend millions? The most we spent was two years ago under BD's first full season, you do realize we went from finishing 18th to 3rd? How is that bad? And besides, I'd rather come close in the Play-Offs than be in a relegation battle like last year for you...

Poor little Derby, business will be back to normal soon when they fight relegation again

You only need to look at our average attendance last season and we were fighting relegation. undoubtedly Derby have the greatest most loyal fans in the midlands. FACT. its nice being at the top looking down on forest.

Jus checkin to c if forest still down the bottom end of the table seen as its gone all quite bout how bad derby were guna do this season roll on 17th sept !! u rams

No matter how rubbish we start the season we r still gonna beat your little team SEPT 17TH = FOREST 3-1 YOU trust me

We r always down the bottem at the start but u no as well as i do we r still gonna finish higher than u so shut up about itz gon quite about derby cause itz not where u r after the first month of the season itz where u end up

Interesting, I read an article several weeks ago about the 1-0 over Pride Park last year, it gave a link to a LTLF, a very good Forest forum.

When Clough accused us of spending millions on a starting line up, a member totted up how much everyone in the starting 11's teams that say cost overall...

Derby's team then added up to roughly £4.7 million...

Forest's team that day, added up to £4.65 million...

We spend millions? Make a better excuse guys...

18 Aug 2011 09:57:43
Michael Owen is wanted by Leicester but Utd won't release him. Maybe we will get him on loan for a few weeks. be nice

17 Aug 2011 23:09:19
In fairness, you've had a great start.
We've had our best start for four years.

And then there's Leicester...

But I thought they had promotion in the bag ha ha You raaaams

11 Aug 2011 10:51:47
Derby County chief executive Tom Glick insists manager Nigel Clough's job is not under threat after the humiliating FA Cup loss at non-league Crawley Town.

A year has gone & still Derby are no further forward

Has Jones had talks with the club or do we stick with Rough ?

I would have Jones as manager in a shot but whilst we have the owners we do I don't see any manager getting the required backing,sad to say.

11 Aug 2011 02:20:38
So derby fans, regretting buying tyson?

Buy him I don't remember us giving you any money for him

You did buy his 18k a week though. ;)

Don't think so we wage cap at 10k

Meh. I heard he was on 18k, some Derby fans aid it, so I thought it were true.

10 Aug 2011 21:32:06
I wonder how many forest fans will have the new signing matt derbyshire on the back of their shirt ? Lol come on you Rams

Yes we now own Derbyshire, but to be honest we always knew that

10 Aug 2011 11:00:15
dont know bout robbie fowler, you jokers be better off with robbie coltraine

07 Aug 2011 20:55:59
ishmael miller signing for forest got medical tomorrow unlucky derby another player who thinks your rubbish U REDZ

Wot was the score at the weekend haha good start then prem my **** up the rams

Wow it was the first game come bk in 45 games time and see where we will be then ill tell u now actually THE PREM where as you will be in league 1 U REDZ

You mean like the last two seasons? Fail, at least we can go up You rams

Yh u did go up and got the worst premier team ever record this season u will be the laughing stock of the east midlands

Shame forest will never go up to beat it eh Took ya long enough to get outa league 1, FAIL

So how did the cup match go for you? Shrewsbury wasn't it?
Let me guess, your concentrating on the league now?

U lost to shrewsbury thats how crap your team is. look at forest they have a never say die attitude in every game that was proved by last nights win against notts county oh and by the way WES MORGAN DE DE DE DA ( you'll never beat wes morgan)

You lost to Shrewsbury and you think you're going up. Soooo many excuses...

You didn't even have a full reserve team Half your team in that game were first teamers...

The Shrewsbury game shut you all up, didn;t it?

Every time Forest lose a game (Much rarer than Direby), we don't clam up and hide until the next game, or even if you win...

Your good attendance means nowt when you're loyalty is absolutely shocking...

We're so dire, 6 points from 6, and another good result for florest, keep it up guys

And you say we clam up Carry on maclaren

After two games? Another 44 games to go...

Besides, we've started badly for two years, with new strikers and players coming in we pick up momentum and roar up the table, whilst Derby peak miles too early and plummet down the table...

You'll never beat wes Morgan, oh hold a minute............ Oh dear, maybe you will Haha florest

Has the poster above me had too much Carlsberg? ;)

05 Aug 2011 22:18:46
What about James Beattie and Micheal Tonge ...that would be two more to the squad

05 Aug 2011 13:24:38
Nathan 'the sick note' Tyson is
injured again. Looks like the flying
winger is just the lame duck we all
knew he was.
Derby loose again

Get use to it got a player who is a waste of space

04 Aug 2011 23:54:01
04 Aug 2011 22:07:09
The Rams close to signing Ricky Lambert from the Saints





04 Aug 2011 19:48:40
Why would Bristol City let Maynard go out on loan when Premiership clubs have offered around 3 million for him? Why would he come to Derby? aroungf aro

04 Aug 2011 18:45:23
Sky Sports sources understand West Bromwich Albion have accepted £2million bids from Leicester City and Nottingham Forest for Ishmael Miller.

The striker is on the periphery at West Brom and turned down the chance to join Millwall on a season-long loan last month.

However, he could now be poised for a permanent exit away from The Hawthorns after the Baggies accepted bids from two Championship clubs.

Leicester have been long-term admirers of Miller and were keen on signing the 24-year-old on loan towards the end of 2010.

Foxes boss Sven Goran Eriksson worked with the powerful forward at Manchester City and is now trying to fix up a reunion.

Eriksson is eager to improve his striking options before the close of the transfer window and confirmed earlier in the week that Miller was one of several names on his list of targets.

He has now stepped up that interest by tabling an offer, which has been matched by Championship rivals Forest.

Steve McClaren is looking to make his mark on the City Ground squad after taking charge in the summer and is jostling his former England colleague for Miller's signature.

03 Aug 2011 23:26:51
Not a rumour just a message of good luck to Derby fans...Im a Villa season ticket holder and been at tonights game...I know you cant read too much into pre season games and we did have a few youngsters and fringe players out tonight but there were still a few established premiership players too...and you completely out played and out muscled us and looked very sharp. Think if you stay clear of injuries and add a couple of players you will have a very good season starting with a win against the bluenose scum on Saturday

Well tyson is injured already. we;ll start well like last season and then lose five games in a row at christmas, then be s**t until may.

03 Aug 2011 20:39:31
Tyson injured already, never hahaaha

03 Aug 2011 16:09:29
Kevin Kilbane signed for Derby, and one of your own fans criticized us yesterday for buying 35 year olds? Kilbane was rubbish for Huddersfield, what a joke you are...

Im a big derby fan and a big fan of clough but he is starting to buy carp please sack him he is making us look silly

03 Aug 2011 13:15:02
derby signed kevin kilbane yesturday ... he is well known for how good he is on the left wing but i can garentee he will play left back

02 Aug 2011 20:26:25
29 Jul 2011 18:27:21
Hertz Van Rentle to sign on a seasons loan.

Play alongside Avis Van Hire?

01 Aug 2011 18:56:03
Forest reject Tyson is s**te Miller won't come as were to small of a club. Cloughy is a waste of space signing all these lower league and Scottish players Were going down Harsh realities

Derby a small club? how many other championship clubs have won the league and champions league except for our bitter sweet rivels? leeds derby and as much as it pains me to say it, forest are the biggist clubs in the championship, and southamton arnt far behind

Derby are no where near the biggest club You would attract better signings if you were instead you have lower league and Scottish rejects. You local rivals are in a much stronger position than you You will be lucky to survive this season

I agree, peterborough, palace and derby going down for me. Birmingham is a outside possibility with so many changes

Thats got to be a dirty red saying that makes me laugh they say they hate us but they always talk about us super rams

Thats got to be a dirty red saying that makes me laugh they say they hate us but they always talk about us super rams


I love the hypocrisy in this post I really do All Derby fans go on about is their bigger rivals, Forest and Leicester. Derby fan sites have an entire board devoted to each of their rivals...

If you love us so much, go on and admit it...

Since when have lcfc been our local rivals? No one can be bothered with you, you have to try n butt in on derby/forest cos' nobody cares about you

01 Aug 2011 15:12:16
tyson is goin 2 stay at derby, i saw him at a friendly not so long ago and i asked him bout his career and if he'll be at derby for long and he said "Well, I think I will have a long term with derby, and i hope to finish my career with them, because they are very good team and I feel i play well with them."

01 Aug 2011 14:25:26
Who are Derby signing next does anyone no any-
thing yet?

Matt Oakley this week supposidly